Steve Perry Returns Live on Stage After 20 Years [VIDEO]

Journey's former lead singer Steve Perry sang live on stage again with the alternative rock band Eels at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota on Saturday, May 24.

Eels' frontman Mark Everett surprised their fans when he introduced Perry to the crowd. The fans were even more pleased when the 65-year-old singer, who hadn't performed live on stage for almost 20 years, grabbed hold of the microphone and sang the alt-rock band's song titled, "Motherf***er."

Perry's cover of Motherf***er was just part of the encore. Everett told the 1,000 fans that Perry doesn't feel right about singing a rock and roll song. But later, Eels frontman Everett said, "and for some reason only known to him, he feels like tonight in St. Paul, Minnesota, it feels right," Billboard reports.

After Perry's first song, he asked the band why they didn't perform any of his songs. The band simply answered him that they were waiting for Perry to do the honour of doing so. With Perry and the Eels working together for that night, they performed Journey's classics "Open Arms" and "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin.'"

In Perry's previous interviews, he said that he is having trouble with his voice. Although he loves music so much, his medical issues hinder him from enjoying his passion. Perry had arthritis, two melanoma removal surgeries, and bad hipbone replacement. Adding to Perry's trials, he still mourns for his girlfriend Kellie Nash who passed away due to breast cancer in 2012.

Perry talked to the Hollywood Reporter last year, and hinted that he was writing songs again.

With Perry's recent live appearance on stage, fans may expect to see and hear him again as he and AWOLNATION frontman Aaron Bruno were already making a new record together, according to Rolling Stone.

Watch the video below for Steve Perry's recent live performance.

CREDIT: Paul Frank/YouTube

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