Steps to Change Your Apple ID

  on May 01 2014 10:23 PM

Apple device users who wish to change their Apple ID have to choose between the two available options. They may create a new Apple ID or alter the email address.

Users who plan to have a new Apple ID should remember it is not easy to transfer all music, applications and umpteen subscriptions, among others onto the new account. Users can "change/alter" their Apple ID instead of "creating" a new ID. This change requires altering only the e-mail address that the users utilize to connect to the Apple account.

The old Apple ID (i.e. old e-mail address) will only be kept as a required alternate email address and will not be required to access Apple products and services, Culture Mob claimed.

Here are the steps to make the change:


As a first step, log-out all the Apple services tied to the current Apple ID. This includes disconnecting from App Store, iTunes, iBook, iCloud service, iMessage and FaceTime, among others. The email address that you would like to use as your new Apple ID must conform to the following criterion:

-  Chosen ID should be a regular (primary) email ID that you use to access and receive data.

-  Email ID should not be associated with any other Apple ID.

-  Do not use an iCloud email address, which is already an Apple ID. Usually, iCloud email addresses end with one of, or

Steps to Change the Apple ID

1.  Navigate My Apple ID.

2.  Select the 'Manage your Apple ID' option and log into your Apple account using the actual log in credentials.

3.  In case you have opted for a two-step verification, as a first step, you will be requested to send a verification code to the trusted device associated with the Apple ID. Enter the verification code you received in the given text box.

4.  Under the 'Apple ID and Primary Email Address' section, click Edit.

5.  Provide the email address (new) that you would like to use.

6.  Click the 'Save Changes' option. You should receive a verification email to the 'entered' email address from Apple.

7.  Upon receiving the email, click on the 'Verify Now' link in the email.

8.  This should open the My Apple ID page. Log-in with the new email address (this ID doubles as your Apple ID) and password.

9.  In case, if you have opted for a two-step verification, you will again be asked to send a verification code to the trusted device associated with your Apple ID.

10. Once you see the message stating the verification is complete, do not forget to update all of the cited stores and services with your changed Apple ID.

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