Stephen Colbert Mocks China’s Donation To Philippines, Raises Over $100K For Haiyan Victims [VIDEO]

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U.S. political satirist Stephen Colbert has successfully raised more than USD100,000 in just one day after he mocked China’s initial monetary donation to the victims of super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

In the Thursday episode of “The Colbert Report,” the titular host ridiculed the Asian superpower for its “stingy” contribution of USD100,000 to the relief efforts in the Haiyan-devastated region of the Philippines. In contrast, the U.S. guaranteed USD20 million, while other countries like Australia and Japan pledged at least USD10 million.

“Seriously, the nation of China pledged only $100,000? I bet the Colbert nation can give more than that,” Colbert said.

“You know what folks, nation, let’s do it. Let’s out-donate China!” he passionately declared, adding, “Let’s kick China’s ass at being compassionate because we’re a brotherhood of men, you stingy jerks!”

He then encouraged his viewers to support the non-profit organisation Convoy of Hope’s mission to help Philippines by asking them to text “Colbert” to 50555. Every SMS sent is a donation of $10 to the mission.

On Saturday, Colbert announced that they’ve already amassed over $100,000, beating China’s pledge.

China has since increased their pledge to $1.6 million after various media agencies and analysts called the donation “insulting.”

Still, even with the new amount, its donation is still dwarfed by other nations, even including Swedish furniture company Ikea, which donated $2.7 million to the relief efforts in the Philippines.

The country wasn’t always stingy with giving financial aid to other nations in need. It has given over $10 million to Japan in the wake of the tsunami tragedy in 2011, and it gave almost $40 million to all the Southeast Asian countries affected by 2004 tsunami.

But China is involved in a territorial dispute with the Philippines over islands in the South China Sea, and political analysts have deduced that China’s reluctance to give more to its neighbour is due to the same.

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