Stephanie Rice best represents looking, feeling awesome: survey

By @ibtimesau on

Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice is the top choice of Australia's youth aged 18-24 when asked who best represents looking and feeling awesome. This was revealed in a new survey commissioned by Clearasil's Secrets of Looking Awesome Web site.

Australian youths aged 18-24 rated Rice as the top choice, with 34% of respondents saying the 2008 Olympics gold medalist best represents both looking and feeling awesome. Rice easily beat out Australian celebrity Isabel Lucas (28%), songstress Jessica Mauboy (25%), and TV actress Jessica Marais (13%).

"I think it's quite telling that Australian youth would choose the sporty natural beauty of Stephanie Rice over a pretty impressive group of Australian actresses and singers as someone who not only represents looking their best but also feeling their best as well," said Laura Andon, a former professional surfer speaking for Clearasil.

"As someone who works closely with young adults as a PE teacher, I think that Gen Y inherently knows the benefits of exercise and maintaining a positive body image."

The survey also found that that Australian youth aged 18-24, dubbed by Clearasil as "Gen Y" believe that hard work, including exercise and eating a balanced diet reap the best beauty and body benefits with 55% reporting that exercise, and 35% reporting eating a balanced diet are the keys to looking to their best this summer.





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