‘State Of Decay: Lifeline’ Update: Gameplay Trailer and Lifeline Release Date

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The company behind one of the biggest XBLA games of all time confirmed that the release date of Steam and Xbox Live "State of Decay: Lifeline" is just a few days away.

It has been months since the formal launch of the "State of Decay: Lifeline" on the official Undead Labs Web site. According to a new post on the Web site, "State of Decay: Lifeline" will be available for download on May 30, which is just 2 days away from now.

Similar to the zombie-survival sandbox add-on "Breakdown," the game expansion will make its debut on Steam and Xbox Live simultaneously. On Friday, "State of Decay: Lifeline" is expected to be available online for $6.99.

Along with the expansion, the State of Decay's sixth free title update is expected this week. The update will include collection of code tweaks and bug fixes that will allow players to transport rucksacks to and from their survivor enclave into the road-ready vehicles in the game. Not all vehicles in the game will be able to carry cargo and loading up the trunk comes with risks as well.

Thus far, there is still a chance that the "State of Decay: Lifeline" release date will be later than intended. According to Undead Labs, both versions are in the final certification process, which means that dedicated teams are arduously finishing the final versions of the game to make sure that there will be no game-breaking inside; nonetheless, the team expects the patch and the expansion to be ready by Friday.

Meanwhile, this week's "State of Decay: Lifeline" announcement came with word that Undead Labs' standard Twitch team would be streaming "State of Decay: Lifeline" on Tuesday. The stream is expected to start at 2:00pm EST, over on the official Xbox Twitch channel, and will give a look at what should be the final build of "State of Decay: Lifeline."

You can check out the "State of Decay: Lifeline" launch trailer here. Also, you can also keep an eye on Undead Labs' Twitter feed, Facebook page, or forum, as the company will celebrate the launch with contests and games.

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