Starwood Hotel Experiments With A New Kind Of Hotel Key Using the Smartphone

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(Video Credit: YouTube/spg)

For travelers taking modern things during their journeys, there's something new. You may now use your smartphone as key to the hotel room.

The Starwood hotel and resort chain is in the process of experimenting with the new kind of hotel key that serves as an alternative option in unlocking hotel doors. Yahoo reported the hotel chain has been constantly trying to innovate the variety of processes often used in hotel operations.

In 2010, a Netflix-type of check-in approach has been implemented and even mailing keycards to the guests are activated upon their arrival for check-in.

Currently, things were being fast-forwarded, the physical keycard can soon be out of place. The possibility of a guest receiving a virtual keycard transferred to the Starwood app downloaded to the phone of the guest is something highly entertained. The smartphone now can open the room as it connects to the door lock with Bluetooth connection.

The Starwood app was reportedly compatible with the iPhone 4s and other Android phones that run the 4.3 version or older. But the hotel chain assured the front desk will still be there to accommodate guests who choose to stick with the old school phone models.

The so-called smart lock will run under battery making it advantageous for guests even if the entire hotel system goes down. But if the door runs out of battery, the front desk will surely be notified. For the past couple of years, there were others who came out presenting themselves as modern replacements for the traditional door keys. Some of them were Gojis and Okidokeys.

Android Community added this new kind of hotel key being tested by Starwood Hotels will only be made available for their preferred guest members. Frits van Paasschen, the Starwood's CEO, thought the concept can be deemed as mere novelty as initial impression but it can be something truly helpful in hotel management.

Whether this new kind of hotel key will work and be a part of other hotels in the industry in the future, it will surely be helpful for those who have a habit on losing their keys instead of their phones.

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