Stars Who Committed Suicide Young: From Kurt Cobain to Lee Thompson to Marilyn Monroe [PHOTOS]

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Popularly known for his role in  the drama series 'Rizzoli & Isles', Lee Thompson Young was found dead yesterday as stated by . The actor rose to fame  after playing the role of 'Jett Jackson' on Disney channels.

Lee's spokesperson has told that in a turn of unfortunate events the actor took his own life for unkown reasons.

Just like Lee Thompson there have been many stars in the history of Hollywood who have been the victim of suicide. Lets take a look:

Kurt Cobian: Cobian was one of the best musicians the world had ever had. He commited suicide at the age of 27. The actor was found dead  at his home in Seattle  on April 8, 1994.  After a brief visit to rehabilitation centre to seek help for drug abuse, Kurt Cobian shot himslef with a pistol. Before commiting suicide he left a note in which he motioned how much he loved his wife and his death till date remains a mystery.

Lucy Gordon:  29 year, Lucy Gordon of 'Spiderman3' fame, committed suicide after having a brawl with her cinematographer boyfriend Almeras. The British actress also left a note for before taking her own life. As reported by, the reason for Lucy's death was her fight with her boyfriend with whom she shared an apartment.

Marliyn Monroe:  The official cause of death of Hollywood icon  Marilyn Monroe was suicide.  As per the actress was found dead  in her Los Angeles home. In the early hours of the morning when police and doctors broke into her home, the actress naked dead body was found on the bed with empty bottle of Nembutta at her side. Monroe was 36 years old when she took her life, her fans and family were shocked at the sudden passing of a Hollywood superstar.

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