Stark-Naked New Pictures of a Very Young Madonna Revealed, Up For Auction

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Pop diva Madonna has had a really hard time to reach the celebrity status which she has now. The now glamorous, multi-millionaire and highly successful singer had a tough life as a teenager and the shocking new pictures of the singer that highlight this aspect of her life has just been released. Madge is seen stark naked in those pictures which were probably taken when she was even less that 18-years of age and a struggling star.

The pictures, which are an exclusive property of auction Website, were taken in 1977 when Madonna was a student of dance at the University of Michigan. Madge has earlier revealed in her interviews that she use to pose naked for paying up the rent of her apartment as she did not have enough money then.

The singer reportedly posed naked at $10 an hour for photographer Herman Kulkens. If you look closely at the pictures, the now-glamorous star actually looks emancipated in the pictures where she is seen wearing nothing. We have seen more glamorous pictures of this singer who loves to pose naked even now. But that time it was for money but now the purpose is to remain in the news.

And the difference is clearly visible when one poses for money. Madonna looks unkempt and we can even see small little black hair on her arms, which she probably didn't have money to get clean. The now mother of a teenage daughter looks completely non-glamorous as she wears a simple unbuttoned shirt, a non-satin neck-tie and poses for the camera. Her hair is black and she has barely any make-up on her.

The other pictures show Madge with her naked bums towards the camera as she plays with the hair of another unknown girl. There are several other poses of the "Like a Virgin" songstress where she is revealing her breasts, is seen wearing nothing but a white-blue sheet and even one where she wears a hat and poses in her birthday suit.   

Madonna's current worth is an almost $500million but the singer has sacrificed a lot to reach at this stage as she posed naked for three photographers between 1978 and 1980 to feed herself and pay up her rents. The pictures are up for auction now. 

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