'Star Wars VII' Plot Update: Costume Details, Shooting Locations Revealed

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The makers of "Star Wars VII" are making sure that the plot of the film stays a secret. However, a few details have surfaced in regards to the costumes of the actors. It has also been suggested that the cast and crew of the film is putting their best foot forward to keep things under wraps.

Domhnall Gleeson, who plays an unknown part in the film, recently revealed in one of his interviews that while shooting, the actors hid their costumes under a black cloak.

"When you walk from your trailer to the set- you're in Pinewood Studios- you have to put on a big, black cloak thing to cover all your clothes, like full length, 'cause they're worried about people seeing costumes and stuff," said the actor in his interview to ComingSoon, adding, "It's crazy."

Reportedly, the cast has signed a non-disclosure agreement which makes them accountable for leaking the information about the film.

"There's a guy in that window out there with a sniper rifle trained on you and another one that's trained on me right now and they can hear every word we're saying, and if you ask a question that disrespects the NDA there's just going to be a poof," said Domhnall about how the information in the film is being guarded.

Meanwhile, reports claim that with regards to shooting of the film, it is being said that a portion of it would be shot in Little Chef on the A43 near Towcester in UK.  Apparently, the film producers want to use some key places of UK as shooting locations. Little chef is one of the most vital locations of the film.

"Star Wars VII" is slated to release by December next year. The film stars Harrison Ford as Hans Solo, Carie Fisher as Leia Orgnana, Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker and others.

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