Star Wars Rebels: Speeder Bike Chase and Robbing the Empire [Watch Video]

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A new video of "Star Wars: Rebels" shows how the group meets for the first time. Zeb, Kanan and Sabine are already a team and make an attempt to rob the Empire. They meet Ezra, a thief, during their robbery.

The series begins on the planet Lothal. The planet is in the Outer Rim territories. The planet is mostly habitable with the residents relying on agricultural produce. A large farm can also be seen in the video.

It is evident that Ezra is strong in the Force and he senses the presence of another Force sensitive - Kanan. He notices that there is a robbery attempt on some containers belonging to the Empire and decides to take a chance to steal them.

The officers of the Empire are shown to be petty and corrupt. Life on the occupied planet is harsh due to the new rules and heavy taxes and fees. Ezra is seen helping a fruit vendor but also helps himself with a few fruits from the vendor as payment for his help. The character is shown to be a quick thinker and courageous.

Kanan and his friends attempt to rob a few crates in the "Star Wars: Rebels" trailer. The contents of the crates are not revealed but it is of some importance to the Empire. A few Imperial Officers and Storm Troopers are not able to stop the robbers from eventually succeeding.

The fighting styles of the lead characters are revealed in the video. Kanan is clearly the leader and prefers to use blasters. Zeb is the muscle in the group and seen fighting the Imperial troops with his bare hands. Sabine is seen to be more playful and is a lookout for the group.

Ezra takes away a few crates on a Speeder bike after Kanan and Zeb neutralize the threat from the Imperial troops. His moves impress Kanan as he and Zeb attempt to recover the stolen goods. Viewers will also get to see a Tie fighter in the video.

The missing characters in the "Star Wars: Rebels" trailer include Hera Syndulla, the Twi'lek and Chopper, the astromech droid. The main villains of the series Agent Kallus and the Inquisitor were also not seen in this video.

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