Star Wars: Rebels – New Villain Imperial Enforcer to Take on the Rebels

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Star Wars: Rebels – New Villain Imperial Enforcer to Take on the Rebels
People dressed as "Star Wars" characters Boba Fett (L) and a Stormtrooper pose at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California June 11, 2014. REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn Reuters

The producers of the upcoming animation TV series "Star Wars: Rebels" revealed a new villain. Agent Kallus is an Imperial Enforcer tasked with nipping any rebellion in the bud. The main theme of the new series is about the origins of a rebel alliance to take on the Empire.

According to Dave Filoni, the executive producer of "Star Wars: Rebels," Agent Kallus is an ISB agent. ISB stands for the Imperial Security Bureau. The agency is described to be similar to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) in the U.S and it's also a little like the military police.

The basic duty of Agent Kallus, described by David Oyelowo, is to ensure that everyone stays loyal to the Empire. David is the voice behind the Agent Kallus character. He described the character as a "bad guy" in "Star Wars: Rebels."

Carrie Beck, the director of creative content strategy, had a few words of praise for David Oyelowo. "David brings a voice that is very authoritative and very commanding and very cool" she said. The character is described as an ambitious officer who wants to achieve something greater.

Fans will find Agen Kallus leading his troops to hunt down members of a small group banding together to form a rebellion. The rebellion consists of a muscular alien called Zeb Orrelios, a pilot called Ezra Bridger, a female Twi'lek called Hera Syndulla, a Jedi knight called Kanan Jarrus and an astromech droid called Chopper.

The blaster used by Agent Kallus is a modified staff used by Zeb Orrelios. The blaster is not a standard issue of the Imperial forces. The producers feel that the audience may be surprised to see an Imperial officer posing so much of a physical challenge to the heroes in "Star Wars: Rebels." So far fans of the franchise have seen Imperial officers command starships and bombard the enemy from afar.

There are two main villains in "Star Wars: Rebels." The villains are Agent Kallus and the Inquisitor. The role of the Inquisitor is played by Jason Isaacs. The TV show is expected to be released in Oct 2014. No official release date has been announced so far.

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