‘Star Wars’ Rebels: A Must Watch For Episode 7? [Watch Trailer]

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‘Star Wars’ Rebels: A Must Watch For Episode 7? [Watch Trailer]
People dressed up as characters from the Star Wars movies take part in a parade during a tourism event in the Star Wars movie set at Ong Jmal, in Nefta May 3, 2014. The event, organised by Tunisia's national tourism office, featured a parade of Star Wars characters before screenings of the films. Tunisia was one of the filming locations for the movies. REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi Reuters

"Star Wars" fans may need to see the upcoming animated series - Rebels in order to fill the gap in the story in the upcoming movie - "Star Wars" Episode 7. The upcoming TV series is set in a timeline between the movie Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope some characters found in the animated series may appear in the upcoming movie.

"Star Wars" fans who have watched all the movies will find that there is a big gap between the Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. The story of the Empire hunting down the remaining Jedi and controlling the galaxy is missing.

The upcoming movie "Star Wars" Episode 7 is expected to be based a few years after the events of the episode 6 Return of the Jedi. The confirmed cast for the movie includes Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, who were all stars in the original trilogy.

"Star Wars" Rebels is a story about the starting of a rebellion against the Empire and is expected to tell the story of how Darth Vader and the Empire hunted gown the Jedi and started to control the entire galaxy.

The characters in the upcoming series include Ezra, a 14 year old con artist, Kanan, a cowboy Jedi, Hera, a pilot and commander of the Ghost starship, Jeb, crew member of the Ghost starship known for his strength, Sabine, weapons expert and Chopper, an Astromech Droid.

Fans who have seen the movies will remember that in the movie "Star Wars" Revenge of the Sith most of the Jedi were killed by Order 66 given by Darth Sidious. Kanan was a Jedi who was forced to go underground and hide his identity of being a Jedi to survive.

The animated series will also introduce new villains like the Sith inquisitor and some of the characters found in the animated series will reportedly find a place in the upcoming "Star Wars" Episode 7 movie.

The "Star Wars" Rebels animated series may also help create a buzz for the upcoming movie and focus on the younger generation to win more fans for the franchise. The company has also come out with various other ways to create a fan following among the young like interactive story telling apps from the previous movies.

"Star Wars" Rebels is expected to air on the Disney channel in the Fall of 2014, the exact air dates are yet to be announced by the company. The upcoming series has got the fans excited; both the young and old fans look forward to the upcoming TV series.

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