Star Wars: Episode VII Casting News: Tom Cruise in Talks for a Cameo Role; Domhnall Gleeson on Spoilers from the Movie

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Another "Star Wars" movie franchise is creating quite a stir, getting all its fans excited. "Star Wars: Episode VII" is the next big thing and one of most highly anticipated films. Filming and casting is underway and another A-List star might be added to their star-studded cast. According to the latest update, Tom Cruise might land a role in JJ Abrams' blockbuster movie. Read on to find out the details. Also, find out what Domnhall Gleeson has to say about plot spoilers.

According to The Sun (via Telegraph UK), "Mission Impossible" star Tom Cruise is in talks with director JJ Abrams for a cameo role in the "Star Wars: Episode VII." The report notes, that the star is currently in London. There he met up and discussed the role with JJ Abrams and some other people involved in production of "Star Wars."

"On Saturday evening five of them met up for dinner and drinks at the Belgravia Hotel. JJ produced Mission Impossible 5 and loves working with Tom whenever he gets the chance" told a source to the newspaper.

JJ Abrams has directed and produced Tom Cruise's "Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol" and will be directing untitled "Mission: Impossible 5." So he is familiar with actor's work.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" has created quite a buzz in media due to Harrison Ford's accident that took place while filming on the set. It was earlier thought that the actor might have fractured his ankle. But it was later reported that it is the case of broken leg. In the wake of his injury, the actor can't get into action for another eight weeks.

Harrison Ford's injury is reportedly "going to set things back a little scheduling wise and there's some time to play around with."

However, there is no official announcement about Tom Cruise bagging a role in "Star Wars: Episode VII." It remains to be seen, if these rumours are true.

Furthermore, it is said that actors starring in the much awaited space opera film are not allowed to give out the secrets. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" star Domhnall Gleeson talked about plot spoilers from "Star Wars: Episode VII."

After his first press conference as a "Star Wars" cast member when MTV News asked him about his role in the movie the actor said: "I could destroy my life if I gave away one of the secrets, really quickly."

Gleeson told the reporters that he has adapted a "no-talk policy."   

That's not the only reason Gleeson is keeping mum on the potential information from the movie. He reportedly "doesn't want to upset anyone." So, he has decided to keep quiet and not spill out any details until the "movie is all the way out and on DVD." This means Gleeson fans need to wait until the movie is released on Dec. 18, 2015. Meanwhile, let us know if you would like to see Tom Cruise in "Star Wars: Episode VII." Do you think he will look the part?

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