Star Wars Episode 7: Top 5 Burning Plot Challenges the Producers Face

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Star Wars
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"Star Wars" 7 plot will have to face the scrutiny of ardent fans who have grown up watching the movies and reading the books from the popular franchise. Many of the fans have hardened positions of what should and should not take place in the upcoming movie. Here are top five burning questions that may haunt the producers.

Question #1: Should the Sith Return?

With the death of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, the balance of The Force has been restored. So the big question is should the producers resurrect the Sith in any way? There are plenty of options to have the Sith return, like a secret apprentice of Dooku or a lost tribe of the Sith on an isolated planet.

But some "Star Wars" fans argue that bringing back the Sith would mean that the deaths and the storyline of the original trilogy would be pointless. Fans of the dark side of The Force however can't imagine a movie without the Sith, there can always be a "disturbance in The Force" they contend.

Question #2: Is the Galaxy at Peace?

In "Star Wars" Episode 6 the top leadership of The Empire were killed but the political and military structure of the Empire remained intact. Fans who have read the books expect that the remnant forces of The Empire will stage a last stand before capitulating.

But indications suggest that "Star Wars" 7 may not follow the books and the new trilogy will be a new story altogether. The alternative to showing the Galaxy in chaos after the fall of the Emperor is to show the return of The Galactic Republic. Some fans believe that a new Republic spanning thousands of planets in a span of 30 or 40 years is simply unrealistic.

Question #3: Should Luke Have a Wife?

Luke Skywalker, played by Mark Hamill in "Star Wars" 7, is a Jedi Master. Conventionally Jedi are detached to the world and do not marry or have relationships. Some fans expect Luke to have a son and join him as a Jedi.

Question #4: Will Brand Disney Influence the new Villain?

Disney's takeover of Lucas Films was followed closely by the fans. "Star Wars" 7 will be the first movie from the franchise after the takeover. Some fans are concerned that Disney may push the new villain to be more black and white instead of the more complex personalities that fans are used to from the franchise so far.

Question #5: Borrowing Elements from the Books?

The "Star Wars" universe is rich with material. There are tons of books, comics and other material from which the producers can borrow heavily and may have to depend upon. For many of the fans who have invested many years on the books and other material, any substantial deviation from the books may be difficult to accept.

The producers of "Star Wars" 7 have a challenging task of meeting the fans' expectations and at the same time trying to tell a new story with twists and surprises, which is the hallmark of the franchise and in many ways what the fans expect. The plot of the movie will have to walk this tightrope.

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