‘Star Wars’ The Clone Wars Season 6 Episode 1 Airs on Netflix Recap and Spoilers

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‘Star Wars’ The Clone Wars
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Fans of the animated series of "Star Wars" finally got to see the first episode of season 6 of The Clone Wars. Viewers had previously seen the preview of the season focussing on the mystery behind Order 66, and episode 1 begins to unravel that mystery.

The emperor was behind implanting Order 66 into the clones, that has been clear, but how was he able to accomplish this? Who helped him? And why did the clones not refuse to follow this order? These were some of the questions on the minds of "Star Wars" fans.

Clone are not droids and viewers have seen in the previous seasons where clones disobey orders to achieve victory and even managed to capture one of their Jedi generals who had crossed over to the dark side.

So how did the Emperor manage to implant the Order 66, which makes clones kill all the Jedi? "Star Wars" The Clone Wars Season 6 begins to answer this question by showing a clone who goes crazy and kills one of the Jedi.

The clone keeps repeating the words "A good soldier follows orders" over and over again, suggesting that he was implanted with an order that they are not allowed to question. But the process may not have been perfected yet.

The clone killing a Jedi before he was given the order has got both the Jedi and the Sith worried. The Jedi wanted to take the clone to their home planet Kamino to examine him further in the labs there.

But Darth Sidious ordered his apprentice Dooku to intercept the transport and capture the clone before the Jedi discover the Sith plot. Count Dooku was successful in getting the clone captured.

Anakin Skywalker, upon learning of the importance of the clone to the separatists, goes on a mission to rescue the clone and stop him from reaching Dooku. He is able to take over the ship carrying the clone, but the clone is barely alive.

Will the Jedi discover that something is amiss with the clones? Or will the Sith be able to hide everything from the Jedi? "Star Wars" fans already know many of the answers but now they will discover the depth of the Sith plot of Order 66 and many others.

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