Star Wars Battlefront 3 Release Date: BF4 Issues Force DICE to Upgrade Multiplayer Servers

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Every fan monitoring the Star Wars: Battlefront 3 release date is aware that the fate of the Battlefield 4 is closely tied to the reboot of the franchise. EA's DICE Stockholm has recently been reported to finish its work on BF4 and it is about to focus for the Start Wars: Battlefront 3 release date.

EA DICE might be learning how the next-generation consoles work with Frostbite 3.0 engine, which currently powers both games. BF4 acts like a pseudo-beta for the Star Wars: Battlefront 3 and Battlefield's woes are Battlefront's gain. Currently, DICE announced that it has decided to upgrade its servers to deal with BF4 lag problems.

"We're unhappy with our server performance, so we'll be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience," DICE claimed on the Battlefield blog. "As soon as we know the exact timetable, we'll let you know the ETA."

According to DICE, it is also working on its netcode along with other vital aspects of the multiplayer experience, which might be the road test for the BF4 ahead of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 release date next year.

"What Warner Bros. did with Batman was take the core roots of that IP and manifest that inside the walls of Gotham City and delivered an interactive experience that had real ties to what you would see in the films and what you had read in the comics, while having its own life because it could provide such deep and more immersive storylines," EA's CEO Andrew Wilson told Fortune. "When we look at the Star Wars properties that's how we're looking at it. We're not trying to build a game that replicates the storyline of any particular film."

EA acknowledged that the "roots" of the Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is a third-person mode similar to the earlier versions of Battlefront. According to EA's Frank Gibeau via CVG, the new plan for EA is to rotate between Titanfall, Star Wars: Battlefront and Battlefield annually. Since Battlefield launched last year and Titanfall will be launching this year, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 release date is expected next year.

Top EA execs also confirmed that the Star Wars: Battlefront 3 release date will be in 2015. EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen claimed that the game "will most likely come out around the same time the Star Wars movies start to come out, probably in the summer of '15." 

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