'Star Wars' 7—Top 5 Unseen Planets that Need to be Explored in the Movie

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The upcoming movie "Star Wars" 7 has all the fans excited.  The recently leaked images gave the fans a look at the desert sets of Tatooine. Here are five other planets that the producers need to explore in the plot for the fans.

Planet #1 - Nar Shadaa

One of the planets that has been featured in almost all of the "Star Wars" movies is Tatooine. Perhaps the reason why it is so useful in the plot of the movies is that it is neutral. The gangsters are in charge here with a certain degree of autonomy.

There is a scope for both good and evil to rise on the planet. Anakin Skywalker grew up to be a Sith lord but his son turned out to be the champion Jedi of the galaxy. Both grew up in Tatooine. But there is one more planet with similar gangster elements ruling it.

Gaming enthusiasts who have played the "Star Wars" games will be familiar with Nar Shadaa, also known as the Smuggler's Moon and Little Coruscant. The environment here is similar to Coruscant with a very urban setting and is full of criminal elements.

Planet #2 - Dantooine

"Star Wars" fans who have seen the original trilogy will remember Dantooine being mentioned by princess Leia when pushed by Grand Moff Tarkin to name the rebel base. Princess Leia mentioned Dantooine in the hopes of saving her home planet Alderaan. Alderaan however was destroyed by the Death Star.

Planet #3 - Korriban

Strong in the dark side of the force, Korriban is the sacred planet of the Sith. It hosts the tombs of many of the Sith lords of the past. Korriban is remote and desolate and was once home to the Sith Academy, where all the young Sith apprentice would train.

With the death of the two known Sith lords - the emperor and Darth Vader in "Star Wars" Episode 6, there will be a need for the Sith to rise again in the future. Perhaps the best place for that to happen will be in Korriban.

Planet #4 - Mandalore

Fans of the fierce bounty hunter Jango Fett and Boba Fett know that they were Mandalorians. The home planet of Mandaloreans is Mandalore located in the Outer Rim territories. Mandalore is full of warriors and bounty hunters worth exploring in the upcoming "Star Wars" 7 movie.

Planet #5 - Kessel

Political intrigue, wars and rebellion are a common theme in "Star Wars" movies. All these situations demand that there will be prisoners. Kessel is one of the largest prisons with one of the biggest spice mining operations.

 If there is an element of a prison break in the plot of the "Star Wars" 7 movie, then Kessel would be the ideal planet for such a scenario. With still no news about the plot of the upcoming movie, fans wait with bated breath for the 2015 release of the movie.

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