Star Wars 7: Top 5 Roles Tom Cruise Can Play in the Upcoming Movie

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The new instalment in the “Mission Impossible” franchise is all set to hit the screens in the mid of this year. Director of “Mission Impossible 5” Christopher McQuarrie recently revealed soStar Wars 7: Top 5 Roles Tom Cruise Can Play in the Upcoming Movie
Actor Tom Cruise arrives for the premiere of "Edge of Tomorrow" in New York May 28, 2014. The movie premiered in three countries in one day. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri Reuters

Consistent reports suggest that Tom Cruise is currently in talks to star in the popular upcoming movie "Star Wars" 7. Movie buffs are speculating what role the star actor may get and some are wondering if a major role in the movie for the star will be a distraction. Here are top 5 roles the actor can play in the movie:

Role #1 Jedi Master

With the task of building the Jedi order in the Galaxy, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker will need more Jedi to maintain the peace as well as rebuild the order. Tom Cruise in Jedi robes could be a good cameo role for the star.

The role of a Jedi requires the actor to be somber most of the time. The role may also call for some action occasionally.  Tom Cruise is famous for his action roles, his recent movie "Edge of Tomorrow" got the fans excited to see him in action.

Role #2 King of a Planet

"Star Wars" fans will remember that under the Empire, the regional governors had direct control of a planet. With the fall of the Emperor, the planets are expected to overthrow the governors and replace them with their own political system and leaders.

Tom Cruise in an elaborate costume of a king may get the fans excited. The star has already played the role of a knight and a Samurai, the role of a king would be just a step up. The plot of "Star Wars" 7 may also grant an opportunity for the role. Forming of a new Galactic Republic would require the Jedi to negotiate with multiple planets.

Role #3 Senator

The role of a senator is to negotiate a good deal for the planet they represent. "Star Wars" fans know that the role will sometimes call for some "aggressive negotiations," which may require the use of a lightsaber.

Role #4 Rebel Commander or Fighter Pilot

Playing the role of a man in the armed forces should come naturally to Tom Cruise. He has played such roles on countless previous occasions. "Star Wars" fans may get excited to see the star in the cockpit of an X-Wing fighter.

Role #5 Smuggler

Traditionally the role of a smuggler belongs to Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford. But fighting for the Rebel Alliance and becoming a hero may not allow Han to continue with smuggling. Besides he is now married to Leia and has become a family man.

But many of the fans can't imagine "Star Wars" 7 without a ruffian smuggler. A small role of a smuggler could also be a good cameo role for Tom Cruise.

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