Star Wars 7 Reportedly Being Filmed at Puzzlewood

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Star Wars 7 Reportedly Being Filmed at Puzzlewood
Actor Harrison Ford poses for photographers at a question and answer event about his new film "Enders Game" at a cinema at Leicester Square in central London in this file photo taken October 7, 2013. Ford has undergone surgery on his broken left leg that was injured in an accident on the set of "Star Wars: VII," the publicist for the 71-year-old actor said in a statement on Thursday. REUTERS/Andrew Winning/Files Reuters

The popular upcoming movie "Star Wars" 7 may be secretly filming in Puzzlewood, in the Forest of Dean. The filming location is in England and has been used as a set for producing popular TV shows and movies like "Merlin," "Doctor Who" and "Jack the Giant Slayer." The crew at the filming location have reportedly neither confirmed nor denied that the movie was being filmed there.

There is a filming crew busy shooting at Puzzlewood. According to a report by BBC the movie being filmed maybe "Star Wars" 7. There are a few popular planets that offer dense vegetation similar to that found in the Forest Dean. Here is a look at some of the planets that have such forests.

Kashyyyk -

The densely forested planet was seen in "Star Wars" Episode 3. The planet is the home of the Wookiees. With the casting of Han Solo and Chewbacca, it is possible that the plot will take the viewers back to Chewbacca's home planet.

Forest Moon of Endor -

A raging battle took place in the forest moon of Endor in "Star Wars" Episode 6. The decisive victory here led to the destruction of the imperial super weapon - the Death Star and the defeat of the emperor. It is still unclear if there are remnant forces of the empire still fighting. Fans of the franchise who have seen the original trilogy will remember that a large section of the empire's forces did not take part in the battle of Endor but were watching the battle from a distance.

Dagobah -

The largely forested planet of Dagobah is strong with the light side of the force. Luke Skywalker was trained by master Yoda on this planet. After bringing a balance to the force it may be Luke's task to rebuild the Jedi Order and train young force sensitive children to be Jedi knights. Dagobah may be the perfect planet to initiate the young into the new Jedi Order.

Puzzlewood is home to many strange looking rock formations, hidden caves and ancient trees. Perhaps this is how the place got its name. The place has attracted many nature lovers, professional photographers and film makers.

The plot and featured planets of "Star Wars" 7 are still tightly guarded secrets. The movie is slated to be released on Dec 18, 2015 in Australia, Canada, UK and U.S. The movie is one of the most highly anticipated in 2015.

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