Star Wars 7: Harrison Ford Still Using a Crutch

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After news hit the fans about Harrison Ford's injury while filming for "Star Wars" 7, fans are eagerly watching the progress of the star as he slowly makes a recovery. The actor was seen still using a crutch while he boards a plane. The movie is said to be on track to be released on Dec 18, 2015.

Harrison Ford plays an important role of Han Solo in the upcoming movie "Star Wars" 7. According to a report by Mirror, the actor was seen using a crutch while he boarded a plane at the Santa Monica airport in California.

Han Solo may be playing an important role in "Star Wars" 7. According to an unconfirmed leak of the plot of the movie the character will be joined by his friend Chewbacca as they go on a new quest. The leaked plot by badassdigest suggests that the two will go in search of their friend Luke Skywalker after they see his lightsaber.

According to the leaked plot the lightsaber is clutched by a severed hand and will be the opening scene in "Star Wars" 7. The hand and the lightsaber are said to be found by the new members of the cast Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, who will in turn take it to Han Solo.

The production of "Star Wars" 7 will go for a brief two week hiatus in the month of August due to Harrison Ford's injury. If the leaked plot of the movie is right then the actor may be playing a crucial role in the movie and the producers may find it difficult to scale back the role of the popular character.

Watching Harrison Ford walking about may bring cheer to the fans of the star. There was some concern that the producers of "Star Wars" 7 would consider reducing the role of the Han Solo or write-off the character completely.

The producers of "Star Wars" 7 quashed all such speculation by asserting that Harrison Ford is doing well and will be returning to the sets soon. The producers also confirmed that the movie, despite all the setbacks, will be meeting its deadline to be released by Dec 18, 2015.

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