Stacy Keibler Pregnant: Reason for Sudden Marriage to Jared Pobre?


After Stacy Keibler suddenly tied the knot with her millionaire boyfriend Jared Pobre on Mar. 8 in a romantic beachside ceremony in Mexico, the rumour mill speculates it could be that the former wrestling queen is pregnant. The couple have dated for only about six months after she broke up with George Clooney but they already think of themselves as "soul mates." The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant explained her excitement to be Pobre's wife.

"My happiness is indescribable!" exclaimed the 34-year-old Keibler to People magazine. "Marriage is the ultimate bond of friendship and love. It means putting your trust and faith into a person that you cannot help but believe is your soul mate. Someone who has all of your best interests at heart, someone handpicked for you, to hep you grow and be the best person you can be. Jared is all of this for me."

The wedding was supposedly prepared for a couple of months and was even a surprise for family and friends vacationing with the couple. However, there were exclusive interviews and wedding photos that lead to people saying it was not a secret ceremony after all.

"We both felt strongly that our love day should be intimate and special so that is exactly what it was. It was a blend of tranquility, romance, bnding, natural beauty and overwhelming love," Keibler gushed.

Pobre is a native of Orage County, Californi and has been the CEO of a private interactive firm named Future Ads since 2001. In 2009, the company was one of the fastest growing interactive companies in the United States. Meanwhile, Keibler is a former professional wrestler, TV show host and model.

In 2012, rumours began churning after Keibler's photos surfaced on the Internet, showing her on a boat in Lake Como sporting what people might have thought as a "baby bump." However, it turned out to be 100% false. Keibler has dated Clooney for two years and many are now questioning her sudden wedding.

Keibler and the 39-year-old tech entrepreneur started dating in the fall but they two have been friends for over five years. Both are married for the first time.

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