St. Patrick's Day: Five Things to Do to Celebrate Like an Irish

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The time has come once again when the whole Ireland and other Catholic-practicing countries gear up to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Known as the famous paddy on the world, St. Patrick captured the hearts of millions people through his exemplary works and by spreading the "Good News."

March 17 commemorates the death of the pious saint and all Irish-at-heart are celebrating the special day following the Irish tradition.

Here are the five things you can do to celebrate like an Irish, according to

1. Go to Church. Since St. Patrick's Day is a religious celebration, it is best to visit the house of worship and hear the mass to honor St. Patrick. This is also a perfect time to thank God for all his blessings and pray for someone you love.

2. Dress in green. You don't have to wrap yourself with green but ensure you have a splash of green in your outfit. The three-leaf shamrock is the best accessory or design for this special event.

3. Greet everyone. Since this is a day of celebration, wishing everyone abundant blessings for St. Patrick is the perfect way to greet friends, relatives and strangers. The famous Irish greetings, "Beannachta na File Pdraig oraibh" are often heard in the street of Ireland, which means "St. Patrick's Day blessing upon you."

4. Make a stew. If you want an Irish celebration, ditch the corned beef and cabbage and go to a traditional but all-time favorite lamb stew. In sticking for Irish tradition, real Irish soda bread compliments your lamb stew. Forget the American way of celebrating St. Patrick's Day and find an authentic online recipe for the Irish soda bread, which is made flour, baking soda, salt and buttermilk, and serve it with a lot of salted butter.

5. Make a wish. This is the day for wishes and the four-leaf clover is your wish vessel to make it come true. In Irish tradition, you can cast a love spell by thinking of that special someone while swallowing the four-leaf clover. It is also believed in Ireland that if you tuck one in the heel of you left shoe, you will end up marrying the first person who enters the room.

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