'Spring Breakers' Star Ashley Benson on Selena Gomez: 'I felt like I had to mother her'

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Selena Gomez has a lot of good friends looking out for her. This would include her co-star from "Spring Breakers" Ashley Benson. In an interview with Complex magazine, the "Pretty Little Liars" star talks about caring for Gomez and how she felt like being a "mother" to the "Come & Get It" singer.

"Spring Breakers" was no doubt one of the most risqué films Gomez had been involved in. The same for her co-stars, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens. Thankfully, Gomez had good friends as co-stars on set. In an interview with Complex magazine, Benson shares how she had "protected" Gomez during the filming of Harmony Korine's film.

"The four of us were filming this motel party scene, and we had to observe what was going on and be in character. My and Vanessa's characters loved to party, so we couldn't do anything to break that persona. But I remember looking over at the floor at these two girls rolling around and making out completely naked. At that moment, I literally closed Selena's eyes. I felt like I had to mother her," explained Benson (via Celebuzz).

Even after the "Spring Breakers" buzz, Gomez remained in close contact with her co-stars as evidenced by their reunion last March. Check out Selena's Instagram post below.

Unlike her character in "Spring Breakers," Ashley admitted to not being the "party girl."

"I don't go out. A typical weekend for me is going to eat with my friends and either having a drink at the restaurant or sitting at home and drinking wine and watching a movie. I don't like clubs at all. The things you see people doing in there make you think, 'Oh God, I don't want to be around this,'" stated Benson.

For those who have yet heard of "Spring Breakers," the film was directed by Harmony Korine which stars Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and James Franco. The story revolves around four girls who after robbing a local deli head on to celebrate their spring break. Things take a turn for the worse when a drug dealer bails them out.

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