'Spring Breakers' Hopeful for Oscar Award

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Harmony Korine's highly-anticipated flick for 2013, "Spring Breakers" is garnering quite the attention. If not for a star-studded cast, the film would not have been considered for the qualifying Oscar run this coming December. The big question is: Who among the cast would warrant an Oscar Award Nomination?

For those living under a rock, "Spring Breakers" is Korine's first-ever comeback film that revolves around four college girls who had robbed a local store for funding their spring break. Things would have gone for the better if not for the girls getting caught up with drinking and drugs. The star-studded cast includes "Wizards of Waverly Place's" Selena Gomez, "High School Musical's" Vanessa Anne Hudgens, "Pretty Little Liars'" Ashley Benson and "127 Hours" James Franco.

The film had gone off to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival where nothing but rave reviews came pouring in.

"Spring Breakers isn't necessarily a moralistic film condemning anything, but rather a tone poem on the emotions of youthful idiocy. It penetrates the evil and melancholy lurking under pop surfaces to a point of terror and unbridled entertainment," says a review via Showbiz 411.

Despite the promotional videos and stills showcasing four scantily-dressed girls, the story offers more than it seems.

Drinking, drugs and smoking pot are a few rowdy and raunchy behaviors viewers would expect from the film. However, it would be more jaw-dropping to see goody-two shoes, Selena Gomez, play one of the four girls. This alone would potentially earn the 20-year old singer and actress a nomination at the Oscar Awards.

James Franco, who is no stranger to the Oscar Awards and the nominations, plays the drug-dealing rapper the four girls get involved in. Given the dopey-stoner attitude and comical sense of humor, it is enough to warrant Franco eligible for the awards season. James' memorable lines from the film are as follows.

"I straight hustle! I am a hustler," says Franco while another says, "Look at my shit! I am a f-ckin' nightmare in this motherf-cker. I am the f-ckin' Death Star!"

It goes to show that "Spring Breakers" is definitely one film to keep close tabs on by 2013.

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