Spooky Video of 'Ghost' Running Through Spectators in Bolivia Football Game Goes Viral [SEE VIDEO]

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If you do not believe in ghosts, this new video will make you do so. A You Tube user Johnny Bandana has uploaded a new video from a soccer stadium in Bolivia where a ghost like figure is seen running from left to right in front of the spectators. What is most freaking is the fact that the ghostly black figure runs at an amazing speed and the barricades do not seem to pose any hindrance in its run!

The ghost-like figure spooked the spectators during a match in Bolivia. The spooky unknown shadow dashes quickly passed through the stands at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia, on Thursday night during a football game. The ghost runs straight through a barrier at an amazing speed.

The spooky video was captured during a television broadcast of the match and has ever since gone viral on Internet. People are commenting on it and giving possible explanations of the ghost. However, many spectators are of the opinion that it is not the first time that a ghost like figure has been spotted at South American stadium.

Some of the laughable theories also say that it is the ghost of their deceased President Hugo Chaves which makes its appearance at times when it was needed to gave an obvious goal during an international match against Colombia, Daily Mail reports.

Many Venezuelans claim to have seen the ghost like figure altering the direction of the ball over the goal post. Now that is something really interesting. If you don't believe in supernatural powers and ghosts, the explanation to the video could be that it is simply a clever work of editing and is actually fake. Another possibility could be that the figure that looks like a ghost is actually an overhead camera that is used to capture the top view of the game.

Ghost or not? What are your views? Take a look at the video below and see it yourself.

Source: Youtube.com/jhonnybandana

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