Spoiler Alert: 'The Bachelor' Sean Lowe's Proposal [PHOTOS]


Sean Lowe's final two girls were revealed on "The Bachelor." But the juicy details don't stop there, Lowe is said to have already proposed to one.

It's always sad for the viewers to see Bachelorettes get eliminated. But it is entirely the purpose of the show, to leave out one that will get the proposal. During the previous episode of "The Bachelor" which was broadcasted last February 18, Lowe was down to three girls whom he paid for a home visit.

Now it has been revealed that the two girls down to the finals was already decided. Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici. The Washington "goofball" and the Missouri "sweetheart" are the last two of Sean's pick.

At the final ceremony, Lindsay and Catherine will each receive a visit from Sean. One will get the proposal and one will be sent home. Harsh? But that's is exactly what the show is about. It might not be the stereotypical way to find love but the viewers are buying it.

The final girls are with Sean at the romantic Ching Rai in Thailand where the proposal would also take place. Sources claim that the proposal had elephants, a gorgeous ring and a sexy honeymoon suite.

But a spoiler alert has just been made about Lowe's proposal in Thailand. According to "Life & Style" magazine, Lowe has already gotten down on one knee and said the magical words "Will you marry me?" to one girl.

"In the end, Sean's decision was an easy one. Sean knew she was the one and had no problems choosing her. He's totally confident with his choice and very happy," an insider said. "The day Sean proposed he was nervous but not worried that she'd say no. They're completely in love."

The winner of "The Bachelor" and the girl who will be future Mrs. Lowe is yet to be revealed when the show airs the episode on March 11.

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