Spoiler Alert: April Fool’s Day Pranks Coming Your Way

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Since April 1 is a 'national public holiday in Australia', Australian companies are out with 'significant' announcements.

NBN Launches Kogan Drone Broadband Network (DBN)

On Tuesday, the National Broadband Network launches the Kogan Drone Broadband Network (DBN). The technology involves drones, yes drones, delivering internet straight to your homes.

The $7.3 billion technological launch was a brainchild by engineers who took matters into their own hands in the wake of budget blow-outs and delays associated with NBN.

Those Aussies who don't want to spend more than five minutes waiting for House of Cards or Game of Thrones to download will benefit from this technological advancement, according to an official press release.

The Kogan DBN is lightning fast. It literally transports data from point to point faster than any other series of tubes. We were going to make a cool video showing how the DBN works, but we wanted to deliver a broadband network on time and on budget, so we just made an image instead. Gaining access to the new DBN is simple. All you need is to have a portable hard drive ready for the drone to pick up. The drones are already in the air waiting to serve your high speed broadband needs," the statement said

iiNet Launches World's First Pet-powered Mobile Broadband Solution

Today, the leading challenger in Australia's telecommunications market, iiNet, launches what could be the world's first pet-powered mobile broadband solution in Wi-fi technology - the Pet-fi.

According to the company's official press release, Pet-fi is fueled by the users' pet's kinetic energy obtained from its movement. The Pet-fi does not need batteries to work.

"Pet-Fi not only represents a revolution in connectivity but also an opportunity to save energy and reduce impact on the environment. With a range of 30 metres, and a handy small electric shock feature which encourages your pet to stay within range, Pet-Fi allows customers to access our superfast 3G and 4G mobile broadband networks at home or on the go," the statement said.

"Fidophone" Dog-texting App from Optus

Optus is proud to announce the launch of "Fidophone", a dog-texting app available on iTunes and Google Play.

Fidophone would allow your dog to text you through both Android and iOS platforms.

It connects you to your dog round the clock with its FidoPhone and easy-to-use app.

"Designed for any domestic dog, the at-home handset allows your pet to answer your call with any one of six pre-programmed messages, including 'Hey Dad, I love you' and 'Come and play with me'. It also gives them the ability to call you if they need you, or if they just want to say they miss you," Optus said in the statement.

Trade Job for a Week with OneShift

 Today, OneShift invites all to swap jobs for a week through a new online service, JobSwap.

JobSwap will eventually be launched in May but had already been tested from employers and already begun screening appropriate businesses.

The test phase was successful and OneShift hoped that the Australian business community will participate.

"Businesses that took part in the test phase reported strong demand for the JobSwap service among their employees, with sign-ups at some companies outstripping the number of available places within minutes. We had a truck driver looking to swap places with a florist and a butcher who wanted try his hand as a surgeon," OneShift founder, Gen George, said.

"Obviously, our main goal has been to sign up businesses, but once we've hit our targets, we'll flick the switch and watch with keen interest as the job swapping requests roll in. We're anticipating huge demand for the service and think it could be one of the biggest success stories of 2014," Ms George said.

Find the Right One, Shop Today

Catch Group is launching a new service online which allows users to shop around for 'the one' - the MatchOfThe Day.

MatchOfThe Day is a dating web site which matches couples by their shopping habits.

"MatchOfTheDay keeps things simple by matching you with one potential partner everyday at midday so there's no need to spend time scrolling through a list of potential partners or navigating convoluted dating websites. Customers just need to input what gender and age they're after and MatchofTheDay will do the rest," the announcement said.

"Shopping is a key activity in a couple's daily life which can often lead to arguments whether it's choosing what groceries to buy or selecting an experience to do together. We think MatchOfTheDay is the solution to such conflicts of interest by matching like-minded people together based on what they buy. Hopefully there'll be no more arguments about choosing what chocolate to buy or what branded toothpaste couples prefer as MatchOfTheDay will find you your perfect match," CatchOfTheDay's founder Gabby Leibovich said.

The  'Mouth Expander' from KFC
KFC, through its official web site, is calling all Australians to try their Mighty Burger that is too big for the average mouth with their Mouth Expander gadget.

 "We made our Mighty Burger too big for the average mouth. The Mighty Burger stands a glorious 62mm tall. The average human mouth only opens to 49mm. So we needed to gain - on average - an extra 13mm. Not to worry, our R&D team has been busy collaborating with Australia's leading orthodontists to develop a solution - a simple device designed to make your mouth bigger." 

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