Spice Girls Reunion In 2016: Rumours Only Downplayed By Emma Bunton

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Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice, has denied fresh rumours of another Spice Girls Reunion, according to Digital Spy. This came as a surprise to some fans since just recently, other members of the girl band have revealed subtle hints of a possible reunion.

On February, Mel C sparked rumours of a reunion in 2016, to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album "Wannabee". The singer said they (Spice Girls) would "see what they can do" for the fans. Likewise, just recently on May 11, Victoria Beckham hinted of a reunion when she tweeted a picture of herself holding a microphone to her mouth, while sitting on a piano. This picture had fans getting excited for the rumours to be true, especially since the hint came from Victoria.

On January, Victoria had said that she "won't ever" perform with the Spice Girls again, that it's time to let the girlband die. She said their performance at the London 2012 Closing Ceremony was their way of saying "thank you...but no more".

So what do any Spice Girls' fan think when they see this picture of Victoria aka Posh Spice? Of course , the reunion must be true and Posh had agreed to sing with the group again.

Sadly, this is not the case. Metro UK reported that Emma Bunton had denied the rumours when she appeared on ITV's "Loose Women Today" on May 14.

"I keep reading these rumours as well and the thing is that one isn't true. We love being together and hanging out but no, there's nothing in the pipeline as yet I'm afraid, so that's a no-no," she said.

She then laughed at the suggestion that the Spice Girls would take part in a future incarnation of the "Big Reunion" TV show in the UK. She also dispelled rumours that Victoria Beckham is trying to stop the girl group from performing.

Emma Bunton then acknowledged the fact that she has a three-year old child whom she can't leave behind to go on tours. Thus, having a Spice Girls Reunion concert is just not feasible at the moment.

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