#SPC Sunday Reaches 14.6 Million for SPC ARDMONA

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On Sunday, everybody across Australia was eating their canned peaches from SPC ARDMONA in support of the social media campaign led by Linda Drummond.

Ms Drummond encouraged all Australians to make Sunday their "peach Sunday" - purchasing, eating, and sharing photos of them eating their peaches across different media platforms.

Ms Drummond had already intended to give support to the company, but her simple gesture took social media channels by storm as #SPCsunday reached over 4,000 tweets from 1,500 people, reaching 1 milion people an average 8 times.

Ms Drummond said that she was motivated to express support for SPC ARDMONA because of the many other Australians losing their jobs. She felt that it was her responsibility to take action.

" I just thought it was one of those things where you think, 'We should really do something about this,' and rather than just doing it single-handedly next time I was out shopping, I was chatting away on Twitter and though let's get everyone involved, let's see how many people we can bring into it. Didn't expect it to be in the 8 million mark."

She said that #SPCsunday touched the hearts of the people, prompting them to fight for those working for the company.

"It totally touched the hearts of people. I think we're seeing so many people now who realise that we are Australians and we have to fight for other Australians. And it's not an angry issue either; it really is a genuine, caring, heart-felt one and something that we can all tap back into our childhood, so there's this lovely sense of nostalgia. I had someone yesterday tweeting a picture of using her grandma's jaffle iron to make an SPC baked bean jaffle for lunch. And so there's that. There's that wonderful sense of nostalgia and sharing something with their families that they've grown up with. Creating a tradition really, a family tradition that helps people. What's not to love?"

Peter Kelly, managing director of SPC ARDMONA said that he was overwhelmed by the support. He said that he had heard about the campaign on Friday and that he found it a fantastic thing. It was like all Australians were clamoring in unison. Their very own web site was packed with support from the people. This was when he reached out to Linda and make sure she knew how grateful the company was. 

Mr Kelly admitted that he was naïve about social media and only after this instance that he vowed to learn more about the technology. In fact it was his 11 year old daughter who taught him how to open a Twitter account.

"It's really extraordinary. I'm learning a bit of the technology and the stats behind it. I think a million people have had about 8 contacts each. So the reach number is actually getting up there into the 7-8 million hits if you like. I think it's a real shot in the arm for all the people who are working so hard at SPC to try and make it work. After a tough kind of week, it's really really good for them."

He said that #SPCsunday proved useful as reflected with the sales and how the stock moves in the supply chain following the powerful social media campaign.But more than the sales acquired through the campaign, Mr Kelly said that it was really touching to see people posting photos of how they enjoyed their can of peaches. 

"...as Linda said, that nostalgic thing that we all had when we were kids eating these products, when I was a lad as well, same thing. Just to see everyone - premiers and different people around the place - consuming the products is a fantastic thing. I think it reminded everyone about better times and we can get back to those times again."

The campaign was sparked by the government's withdrawal of support for the SPC ARDMONA. As for Mr Kelly, the social media campaign shed light to the possibility that there can be other places for support for the company.

As for another issue that SPC ARDMONA is an American company, he explained that CCA is an Australian company. In fact, it is a very very good Australian company. It supported SPC during times when the company was at lost.

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