Spanish King Juan Carlos Jabs at Queen Elizabeth for Holding on to British Throne

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Britain's Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and Prince William, attend the unveiling of the Windsor Greys statue in Windsor southern England
Britain's Queen Elizabeth (C), Prince Philip (R), and Prince William, walk amongst spring blossom and flowers as they arrive to attend the unveiling of the Windsor Greys statue in Windsor southern England March 31, 2014. The statue marks sixty years of Queen Elizabeth's Coronation in 2013 and the important role played by Windsor Greys in the ceremonial life of Britain's royal family.

Spanish King Juan Carlos, who announced on Monday his plan to abdicate and pass on the crown to son Prince Felipe, may have started a possible "word war" with his British counterparts.

His public statement in a TV address that "the younger generation deserves to step into the front line, with new energies," may have surely been welcomed by his 46-year-old son, but his alleged statement to the chief of the royal household may anger Queen Elizabeth.

The Telegraph quoted the king's remarks to Rafael Spottorno, as reported by El Mundo on Sunday, "I do not want my son to wither waiting like Prince Charles."

Sporttorno was quoted as saying, "He saw, above all, that his son was in his prime and didn't want to see him like Prince Charles who will be 66 years old in November."

That is one year past the compulsory retirement age of 65 of  civil servants in many countries and Prince Charles have yet to have a hint when would he wear the British crown.

The Zarzuela Palace declined to comment on the article that appeared on El Mundo.

A survey by another Spanish daily found that 62 per cent of Spaniards want to hold a referendum of Spain should continue to have a monarchy, and if the referendum were to be held, 49 per cent would prefer to retain the monarchy with Felipe as king, while 36 per cent would favour a republic. However, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has rejected calls for a referendum.

The crown prince is expected to become King Felipe VI on June 19 after the Spanish Parliament approved the abdication. With the current king's statement, many Europeans would be interested to know if Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles would attend the coronation rites.

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