Spanish Clothing Giant Zara Apologises For Making Kids T-Shirt That Resemble Nazi Concentration Camp Uniforms

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Spanish clothing giant Zara is facing severe public backlash for coming out with a kid's t-shirt that looks like the uniform of Holocaust victims. The stripped blue and white t-shirt in question has been designed for toddlers, up to three years old. It also features a six-way pointed gold badge, bearing striking resemblance to the yellow stars that the Jews in Nazi-occupied territory were forced to wear.

The picture of the controversial t-shirt can be seen here. When one looks closely at the yellow star on the right, it shows the letter "sheriff" written on it and it has an erie similarity to the yellow stars worn by Nazi prisoners in concentration camps. When combined with the stripes, the t-shirt looks similar to the prison camp clothes, according to various websites' reports.

It was the blog that first reported about the similarities under the title "ZARA presents: A striped pajama with a yellow star for your child." Check it out here.

The global clothing giant has now stopped the sales of the T-shirt and has also released a statement of apology on various social media accounts.

"The item in question has now been removed from sale. The garment was inspired by the classic Western films, but we now recognise that the design could be seen as insensitive and apologise sincerely for any offence caused to our customers," said Inditex, the parent company of Zara in a press release.

"The Group is a Company where people from 180 nationalities work together representing all the cultures, races and religions of the modern world. Inditex is proud of its cultural diversity," added the release.

The clothing giant has also apologised repeatedly to its customers on Twitter who blasted Zara for coming up with the idea of concentration camp-style tees for kids. It is not the first time that Zara has been in hot waters for doing something anti-Jewish.

In 2007, the company withdrew a handbag featuring a green embroidered swastika inside a red sun. The $78 handbag, featuring four green swastikas, reminded many people of Hitler's swastika sign, which forced the retailer to withdraw the bags from the markets, globally. 

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