Spain Coach Vicente Del Bosque Admits Elimination Was Deserved

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Spain's coach Del Bosque weighs in on the defeat of his team to Chile
Spain's coach Vicente Del Bosque gestures during the 2014 World Cup Group B soccer match against Chile at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro June 18, 2014 REUTERS

The Spanish national team went from the top of the mountain and back to the valley unceremoniously.

Spain became the first defending champions to bow out of the tournament from merely two games after they were eliminated from competition by Chile, 2-0. reports that the man helming the team, Vicente del Bosque was candid on the defeat, admitting that they deserved to go out of the tournament after being outperformed by the Netherlands, 5-2 in the opening match and yet again by Chile in Wednesday's game.

"We deserved to go out. But the team showed character today, kept going and were a bit unlucky with the goals," Del Bosque told a news conference.

"We all tried, but we were not as good as both teams we played."

Del Bosque added: "We played two games and were not able to be better than Netherlands or Chile, so we are out of the World Cup. It hurts, but in today's game we were a bit timid. We had a bit more play in second half, but not enough to even up the score."

Del Bosque tried to mix things up right from the get go of the game. He inserted Bayern Munich's Javi Martinez in place of Gerard Pique and introduced Pedro Rodriguez in place of his Barcelona teammate Xavi Hernandez. The team tried a 4-2-3-1 formation in the opening salvo yet the adjustments did not do much to put the team ahead.

"We thought we had a very good chance, good players. But the reality was different. The second half against Netherlands and the first half today was low in every way."

"Chile made it very uncomfortable for us in first half. They sat back a bit more in the second. That was why game was different. Chile were as we expected -- their attitude and the tremendous physicality they have."

The performance of the 2010 World Cup champions left many in doubt if the exit is a signal of the end of an era for the national team. Del Bosque crushed talks of Spain's demise.

"This not the moment to weigh up retirements -- bit-by-bit decisions can be made," he said.

"When something negative happens in the World Cup there are consequences. But there is lot of time to think about what's best for Spanish football. These players have given a lot."

"During the 25 days we've been together, how they have worked, their spirit, I would not have believed this would happen.

"In these days we have had since the Netherlands game, we have had many positive messages from fans. Today is a sad day for those who have enjoyed all the successes of this team. And for us who have suffered it personally."

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