South Australia Health Mulling to Terminate 105 Jobs

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Spurred by budget cuts, the state government of South Australia is mulling to terminate 105 jobs across its non-hospital health services as a result of budget streamlining measures.

In a review of non-hospital based services that was commissioned in August, the proposal to could translate to a savings of $14.79 million for the state government, according to David Swan, SA Health chief executive.

The recommendations of job terminations, which have been put up for public consultation until early February 2013, if approved, would be implemented by 2014-15. It is not clear, however, if the terminations will be done in one sweep or carried out by batches.

The "reconfiguring " would be carried over a range of services, which include children's, youth and women's services, residential care support, elderly care, health promotion, a practice nurse program and an Aboriginal workforce initiative.

But Mr Swan clarified no forced redundancies would be meted out.

John Hill, SA Health Minister, announced in late October that the state government, to accumulate savings and reduce unnecessary spending, would terminate by 2015-16 some 249 full-time jobs in health services, hospitals, and even within the Health Department.

An additional 100 clinical jobs could also go through enterprise bargaining negotiations from mid 2013, he added.

A copy of the SA Health's report and its recommendations may be downloaded at

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