Soundwave 2014: Hardcore Superstar Confirms Cancellation; Megadeth Demands Apology From AJ Maddah

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Hardcore Superstar confirmed that they will not be playing at the Soundwave festival dates, saying they had a disagreement with organisers over their playing schedule. Also, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has offered to reinstate their cancelled performance if festival promoter AJ Maddah issues an apology to them.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Swedish hard rock band threatened to pull out of Soundwave 2014 after a dispute over schedules. Maddah, the festival’s most outspoken promoter, didn’t take kindly to threats, tweeting:

On Wednesday, the rockers took to their Facebook page to confirm that they are out of the Australian music festival’s line-up.

“We are so sorry to inform you that HCSS are no longer attending Soundwave Festival 2014. Only days before our flight, changes were made and placed HCSS in a spot that was too far away from our original agreement,” the message reads.

“We hope to be back under other circumstances as soon as possible.”

Megadeth Demands An Apology

Meanwhile, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine said that the band would play in the touring festival if only Maddah issued an apology to them.

The band axed their performances on the festival’s dates due to “circumstances beyond its control,” but Mustaine is now saying that a simple apology from Maddah would make everything all right.

“All I asked for was an apology for blaming me for something I didn’t do,” Mustaine wrote on his Facebook page.

“I am still willing to play, but the promoter would rather not apologise and prefers to say I asked him to lie, which I didn’t. Am I the only one that sees how easy it is to fix this? The AJ Maddah that I know is a wise and caring man, and I don’t know what has happened to my old friend. My bags are packed Aussie fans.”

Newsted Cancellation

Also on Wednesday, Newsted, the eponymous group by Mustaine’s ex-Metallica bandmate Jason Newsted, has announced that it “will not be appearing or performing live in February or March 2014” on Facebook. The unexpected announcement has baffled Maddah, who wrote on Twitter that he was trying to contact the group for explanation.

Soundwave 2014 will commence on February 22 at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane. The venues for the festival include the Olympic Park in Sydney (February 23), Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne (February 28), the Bonython Park in Adelaide (March 1), and at the Arena Joondalup in Perth (March 3).

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