Soundgarden Fan Gets Arrested After Death Treats on Cornell

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Talking about wanko, a Soundgarden fan was arrested after sending death threats to Chris Cornell and his family.

Jessica Leigh Robbins was charged after posting threats and online videos saying that she plagiarized her work and claimed that she was the mother of one his kids.

Investigators found out that Robbins even falsely reported to authorities Vicky Karayiannis, Cornell's wife, for child abuse.

New Zealand Herald said that experts believe that she may have entered the Cornell household in Miami, Florida.

Investigators said that in one instance Robbins drove seven hours just to talk to the musician but was unable to enter the musician's residence because she doesn't have the elevator key.

Tampa Bay Times said that the singer and his wife pulled their children out of their school in fear that Robbins would harm them.

As part of the investigation, the band's website administrator turned over a collection of hostile posts and tweets from the fan.

He also told authorities that Robbins uses 37 different user names on social media sites where she posts more than 100 messages about Cornell and his wife.

According to Robbins, she helped out on a fan event of Cornell, a year or two before where she ran toward Cornell yelling his name and asking him if the manuscript she had sent was been helpful.

However, Cornell denied this allegation claiming that it did not happen and he was becoming extremely worried of his fan's actions.

Robbins was arrested on July 25, Friday, in Tampa and was allowed a US$50,000 bail but she was asked to wear an anklet monitor and to stay off the internet.

The fan was also not allowed to go within 1000 feet of the Tampa, Florida amphitheater that Soundgarden is going to perform this August.

Soundgarden is an American Rock band that was formed in Seattle, Washington back in 1984. They are known for their Grammy-Award winning songs "Black Hole Sun" and "Spoonman".

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