Sony Xperia Z2 and Z2 Tablet Are H1 2014 Flagship Device; Xperia Z2 Catches Up with HTC One BoomSound MWC Testing

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Sony Mobile isn't going to stick with Xperia Z2 Sirius as the year's Android flagship smartphone according to company Creative Director Kurozumi Yoshiro. Xperia Z2 is the flagship of first-half 2014 and we can expect new design concepts of the upcoming Xperia top-class model.

New Xperia Flagship H2 2014

Mr Kurozumi appears determined that the Xperia Z2 Sirius and Xperia Z2 Tablet Castor would have successors by the second half of 2014. According to his statements to the Japanese media caught via Watch Impress and XperiaBlog, new Xperia flagship devices are going to be released after the reign of the current 2014 flagships.

"In order to maintain a flagship, you must update at this frequency," said by Mr Kurozumi.

This method allows Sony Mobile to compete directly with other brands and catch with the update cycle from yearly to twice a year.

However, this technique was used before by Sony Mobile last year and we have seen two flagship smartphones during that time namely Xperia Z released in January while Xperia Z1 in September 2013.

But Xperia fans and Android loyalist shouldn't expect that the design concept of current Xperia devices are going to last forever. Mr Kurozumi said he "does not want to stick to a single design" which open lots of possibilities in the future. Two of them already appeared on Xperia Z2 having stereo speakers similar with HTC One and changing display technology from TFT to IPS LCD.

Major Hardware Shift on Xperia Z2

Sony Mobile changed the display screen technology from TFT to IPS LCD on Xperia Z2 in order to compete with other brands having great viewing angles. Moreover, Xperia Z2 also featured stereo speakers on the front which boosts audio output.

Front-facing dual speakers are not commonly found on smartphones today and it is a key marketing strategy due to immersion of various music players, sound enhancers, gaming apps and HD videos.

Xperia Z2 goes head-to-head with HTC One's BoomSound technology which claims sharper and richer sound using the built-in amplifiers on the dual front speakers.

YouTube users Soyacincau uploaded a video comparing the dual front speakers of Xperia Z2 and HTC One during the Mobile World Congress 2014 event. According to him, HTC One is a favourite due to its BoomSound speakers but the test isn't definitive enough to accurately know which has the best external audio output. However, you will notice that Xperia Z2 catches up with HTC One's BoomSound.

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