Sony Xperia Z2: Top Hidden Secrets You Should Know From Sony's Latest Smartphone

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Sony's flagship smartphone Xperia Z2 boasts several upgrades based on Xperia Z1 and sports new camera modes not found on most devices. Know the hidden secrets stored inside your Sony Xperia Z2.

Sony Mobile explained the details on what Xperia Z2 is all about and you deserve to know what these features are so you can use it to the fullest.

IPS Display Technology

For those who do not, IPS or In-Plane Switching display technology is an important package on flagship devices. It allows multiple viewing angles on Xperia Z2 without worrying about distorted visuals. Unlike TFT, IPS-LCD display is more battery friendly.

Outdoor Companion

Your Xperia Z2 is dust and water resistant which you can take with you on certain outdoor activities. You can record videos or take photos underwater or during water rides in amusement park without worrying about water damage. A dedicated camera button enables you to access the camera app quickly. Just do not forget using a lace to avoid losing your device during such activities.

Capture Moments Bigger and Wider

If you want to share your special moments using large TV screens or projector, use the 4K video recording. However, you need a high-capacity microSD for such functionality for 4K consumes a lot of storage and processing speed. You may also use slow-motion recording on captured moments.

Photography Options

In addition to 4K and slow-motion, Xperia Z2 features more camera modes which you can use in almost every captures you want.

1.      Background Defocus - Blur out the background or foreground while keeping the details on the subject.

2.      Creative Effect - Change colours, add image trails or apply mirror effects on your photos and videos.

3.      AR Effect - Add animations such as Spider-Man, dinosaurs and underwater creatures on your captures.

4.      Vine - Generate short looping videos which you can share online.

5.      Info-Eye - Provides relevant information on an object the camera lens see.

6.      Timeshift Burst - Capture several photos in 2 seconds to select a single image containing the perfect moment.

7.      SteadyShot - It reduces the effects of shaking when moving while recording a video.

Maximum Music Experience

Sony Xperia Z2 boasts a Digital Noise Cancelling technology when paired to compatible headphones or earphones. DNC can cancel up to 98 per cent of external audio from your surroundings and creates an immersive audio experience for users.

Moreover, you can modify sound output using Clear Stereo, Clear Bass and Clear Phase on the device. If you prefer sharing what you're listening to, use the dual-front stereo speakers on Xperia Z2.

Power Management

STAMINA mode is still present on Xperia Z2 except it has been upgraded based on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat modified by Sony Mobile with Xperia Home UI. You may set certain options to become active depending on the battery level.

1.      STAMINA mode - At basic level, it prevents background apps and services including wireless connectivity to consume power while in idle mode.

2.      Low-battery mode - Further reinforce power saving by reducing brightness, lowering screen time-out duration and more.

3.      Location-based Wi-Fi - Automatically enables and disables Wi-Fi connection to saved locations only. You may also configure how strict the function is using Advanced option.

4.      Queue background data - Background data syncing will not occur simultaneously. Instead, apps will retrieve data in intervals.

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