Sony Xperia Z2 Official Release Delayed? Pre-order Button Removed from Official Sony Store

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Sony Xperia Z2 pre-order button was removed from the official store temporarily for unknown reasons. However, clicking the smartphone reveals Vodafone as primary network operator. Is there an upcoming delay for the device?

Pulled Pre-Order Button

Few days ago, Xperia Blog caught the disappearance of pre-order button on Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone from the official Sony Store. A screenshot displayed Xperia Z2, Xperia Z1 Compact and Xperia Z2 Tablet but only the other two have buttons for purchase.

There is no official reason why the pre-order button was removed on the site as several online retailers already confirmed pre-order of Xperia Z2 in United Kingdom. Speculations point possible delay of Xperia Z2, which rumoured to be released on April 11th globally, same day as with Galaxy S5.

Exploring Sony Store

If you visit the official Sony Store, you will definitely not see the pre-order button but if you click on the Xperia Z2 another page will load. The next page takes you to Xperia Z2 - Black including its description.

In this page, you select for either SIM-free or view operator offers and if select choosing for an operator the site will display Vodafone having monthly terms of 24 months. Vodafone offers unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 3 GB of mobile Internet data for 24 months at £47 per month. Here you will see the "pre-order" button and takes you to the official store of Vodafone UK.

UK Retailer Xperia Z2 Offers

Four online retailers including two network carriers in United Kingdom are now offering pre-orders of Xperia Z2.

1.      Clove UK offers Sony Xperia Z2 at £540 inclusive of tax with free Sony packages of wireless speaker and noise-cancelling headphones worth £120. In addition to that, Clove UK is also including a digital content bundle worth £80 free. First stock at Clove UK will commence on the 7th of April.

2.      Carphone Warehouse Pre-orders of Xperia Z2 at Carphone Warehouse costs £42 per month for 24 months without upfront cost or £549.95 SIM-free. Monthly deals are currently available from O2 and Vodafone.

3.      EE UK EE UK posted the upcoming arrival of Xperia Z2 and those who are interested on the smartphone may register to get a chance to win a 50 inches full HD 3D TV and a 4.1 Channel Premium Sound Bar worth almost £1500.

4.      O2 UK Xperia Z2 from O2 UK is still unavailable including official price list but colour design such as black and purple are expected to be the first stock to arrive. Interested buyers may simply look on O2 "before you buy" section to plan for Xperia Z2.

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