Sony Xperia Z2 To Be Released In Australia On Michael Jackson’s ‘XSCAPE’ Album Release Date?

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Is the release of the Sony Xperia Z2 is dependent on Michael Jackson’s upcoming posthumous album in Australia? The high-end Sony smartphone hasn’t a release date yet in the country, but Sony said it will throw in free copy of the late King of Pop’s “XSCAPE” album on the day of release, which is on May 14 in Down Under.

Sony has announced that the owners of Xperia Z2 will be able to download Jackson’s album for free through the Xperia Lounge app when it is released on May 31. The promotion applies to devices sold until May 31, and the smartphone owners must redeem the album by June 30.

The Xperia Z2 has no release date yet in the country, but with the announced tie-in promotion, did Sony announced when it will be coming out as well?

Jackson’s “XSCAPE” is also available for download through Xperia Z2 Tablet and Xperia M2 Dual.

Meanwhile, a track on the music icon’s posthumous album reportedly has lyrics about sexual abuse.

“Do You Know Where Your Children Are?” is one of the eight previously unheard songs from the album, which he recorded before he died in 2009. It apparently tells the story of a 12-year-old girl who has turned to prostitution after running away from home.

Its line “Save me from this living hell!” is believed to be Jackson’s own cry to clear his name of child molestation charges. He was cleared of all charges in 2005, although the effects of the sordid accusations haunted him even after that.

In 2013, years after he passed away, Australian dancer Wade Robinson claimed he was molested by Jackson when he was a child. A hearing has been scheduled in June.

The tracks from “XSCAPE” were unearthed from Jackson’s recorded materials by Epic Records chairman L.A. Reid.

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