Sony Xperia Z1S Troubleshooting: Top 7 Solutions to the Most Common Problems

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Sony Xperia Z1S is an exciting new addition to the Xperia line with upgrades based on Xperia Z1. But if your shiny new Sony smartphone got some glitches or buggy performance, here are the common solutions to the most common problems known on the device.

Buggy or Unresponsive Touch

Some reports from users described Xperia Z1S's failure to recognise touch which may affect the Swype keyboard or immersive multi-touch dependent game.

You can diagnose your smartphone by going to Settings > About phone > Diagnostics > Test device > Touchscreen to determine if the problem is solely on your device.


1.      Stop touching the device for a few seconds so it refresh. This is usually solves the issue but may be temporarily.

2.      If you experience the trouble inside a specific app, press the home soft key then re-launch the app again.

3.      Restarting Xperia Z1S helps fix most bugs including touchscreen insensitivity.

4.      Update the software of your device since Sony already determined a fix from an upcoming upgrade.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Drops

As usual, Xperia Z1S isn't an exception to Wi-Fi drops but usual cases include router issues, wrong bandwidth or congested channel.


1.      Reboot both the Xperia Z1S and your Wi-Fi router.

2.      Turn off the Wi-Fi on the phone then switch it back on. Drops usually occur when too many obstacles are blocking the wireless signals.

3.      Tweak some parts of the router settings such as modifying the network mode, setting up a static IP address and double checking if the MAC address of the Xperia Z1S is allowed to connect.

4.      Update the software of your Wi-Fi router via its manufacturer.

5.      You may also need to update your Xperia Z1S to the latest software version.

Overheating Problems

High-powered smartphones like Xperia Z1S is likely to overheat to due high-end processors and graphics chipset, and bigger battery packs. Overheating may cause lags, freezing and rapid power drain.


1.      Don't use the Xperia Z1S for a very long time just to play games or stream videos. High task demands will force the processors to work in full throttle and games can cause the graphics chip to render everything that causes overheating.

2.      Make sure that your device is in a well-ventilated area whenever used for high demanding tasks.

3.      Remove the cover case or silicon cases of your smartphone to allow more heat to escape.

4.      Turn off all wireless radios such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS to reduce multitude of tasks.

5.      Never place your smartphone under direct sunlight or leave inside your vehicle.

6.      If an app caused serious processor effects, uninstall it or perform a factory reset.

7.      Update the software version of your Xperia Z1S.

Warning: Never dip your overheating Xperia Z1S on cold water or you'll get a cracked glass.

Water Penetration

In case your smartphone gets damaged by water even if you've covered the external flaps, here are some advices you may to do before sending it over to the service centre.

1.      Don't turn the device on but instead get a towel or absorbent cloth then damp it gently to get the moisture out.

2.      After that, put the smartphone in a bowl of rice within 24 to 48 hours to ensure every moisture have been lifted.

3.      In case the drying methods don't work, go to the service centre to have it repaired or replaced due to faulty water resistance feature even using protective flaps.

Screen Yellow Tinting

A big issue called Yellow Tinting on the display of Xperia Z1 has been reported as well on Xperia Z1S which you might notice under white or grey backgrounds.


1.      Go to Settings > Display > White balance > Switch B to 100. All whites will now look whiter.

2.      If the Yellow Tint persists, go to your retailers or service centre for a replacement.

Rebooting Randomly

Few number of users have reported random reboot experiences on Xperia Z1S which may be caused by certain apps, malware or software itself.


1.      If you've installed an app recently before the random reboot started, uninstall it or perform a factory reset.

2.      Install an antivirus then scan your smartphone in case a malware begins infecting system files.

3.      Upgrade your software to the latest firmware version.

4.      Repair the software of your Xperia Z1S using the Sony PC Companion or Bridge for Mac.

Battery Drain

Battery drain is a huge universe caused by dozens of factors from apps to usage. Here are some tips you may want to explore.

1.      Activate the STAMINA mode under Power Management in the Settings menu.

2.      Avoid using the smartphone for high-powered games or apps which can cause overheating, draining more power.

3.      Avoid the device to be exposed from direct sunlight for long periods which can damage the battery unit.

4.      Uninstall apps that drains a lot of power.

5.      Get app updates that may contain battery optimisation.

6.      Update the software of your smartphone.

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