Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Useful Tips: 10 Advices for Internet and Apps Performance Plus 8 Battery Extending Tips

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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact holds most features found on the Xperia Z1 smartphone in a compact form, and if users want to maximise the mini Z1, here are useful tips from Internet and data usage to optimising applications.

1. Monitoring Data Usage Users can monitor data usage during mobile Internet connection, especially when they live stream or download files. Monitoring usage allows them to finalise budget or avoid incurring additional charges.

2. Limit Mobile Data Owners may also limit the data on their mobile Internet. To do this, they need to go to Settings > Data usage and then set usage cycle from specific dates to better manage data usage.

3. Restrict Background Apps For further management of data usage quota with data plans, users can restrict apps from syncing automatically on mobile Internet. They simply need to go to Settings > Data usage > Options (three dots on the upper right) > Check Restrict background data. Not only they save data quota but also extend battery life and avoid clogging memory.

4. Speed Browsing Experience Speeding up a device's browsing can be easy and only require one special tweak to do it. Launch Internet browser > Menu > Settings > Content settings > Find the Javascript > Disable or uncheck it. It will make pages load faster but may affect certain Web sites.

5. Preventing Sluggish Performance There are Android features which clog the system's performance overtime. To prevent this from happening, owners can try doing these changes:

a. Remove widgets that are not used from the lock screen or home screen since they consume memory.

b. Use static wallpaper instead of live wallpaper to save both memory and battery.

c. Don't enable Auto-Syncing for long periods, as all apps trying to get updates will slow the system down. Manage individual app syncing manually instead.

d. Use phone memory as primary storage of apps instead of the microSD card. Internal storage is easier to access for reading and writing changes.

e. Use compatible task killers for Sony Xperia devices. Clean Master is recommended by Sony Select.

6. Enhancing Audio Music lovers can enhance audio output on both headphones and internal speakers. Users need to go to Settings > Sound > Enable ClearPhase and xLOUD to get richer output on ringtones and music playback using the speakers. In the WALKMAN app, tap Options > Settings > Select ClearAudio+ for automatic enhancement or select Sound Enhancements and then manually configure according to preferences.

7. Camera Launch and Zooming On the lock screen, swipe to the right for camera launch shortcut and then pinch in or out for instant zooming. Moreover, select Settings in the Camera app and then modify launching methods for the shortcut.

8. Sideloading Apps Android apps are usually downloadable from the Play Store, but for users have another source, they can sideload it after approving security. Go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown sources to enable sideloading. However, sideloading may risk the device's system to getting malicious wares.

9. Getting APN Settings Users who have performed a factory reset and don't want any copies of the APN settings information can go to Settings > Xperia > Internet settings. They need Wi-Fi connection to retrieve mobile Internet settings for their device.

10. Extending Battery Life Here are useful tips to extend battery life of their Sony Xperia Z1 Compact.

a. Enable STAMINA mode under Power Management settings to manage background apps and wireless connections.

b. Use Low-Battery mode to save further power on specific battery level.

c. Location-based Wi-Fi found on the Power Management settings automatically let the device save area with Wi-Fi connectivity.

d. Disable Auto-Sync of accounts to save more power.

e. Turn off enhancements when not in use such as xLOUD and ClearPhase.

f. Switch back to 3G after browsing to prevent 4G/LTE on consuming power.

g. Tweak white balance, saturation, contrast and other camera functions before using video light if the surroundings are not so dark. Video light eats a lot of power.

h. Hotspot is great for sharing Internet, but owners need to be mindful of the strain it can have on the battery life.

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