Sony Xperia Z1 Compact: Top 8 Tricks to Master 20.7 MP Sony G Lens Camera

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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact's 20.7 MP rear camera hold several tricks to get the best photo possible. Using various camera modes, tweaks and effects you can unfold powerful photography and earn mastery over its camera.

Superior Auto Mode Superior Auto assists you in using the camera by automatically setting everything needed according to light, scene and background. You don't have to adjust anything anymore to capture images using Xperia Z1 Compact. This mode is meant for quick shots and newbie users.

Going Manual Once you've got bored or desire to take photography to another level, select Manual mode on the left side icon of the camera app. In Manual mode, you can adjust every single thing to get the image or video you want. Adjustments include flash control, brightness levels, scene selections, ISO mode, image stabilisation, HDR and focus type.

Creating Worlds One amazing trick that Sony did on selected Xperia smartphones, including Z1 Compact, is the AR effects, or Augmented Reality, that allows the user to add a special background or scene effect such as Jurassic age, underwater, masks, celebrations and even gnomes to the image.

Extra Picture Effects Familiarise yourself with various picture effects or so-called filters on Xperia Z1 Compact. Apply filters such as partial colour, nostalgic, fisheye, miniature, vivid and sketch to your captures. You may use them before uploading to your favourite social accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

Modifying Resolution You can capture images and record videos on different resolutions such as 8 MP 16:9 or 20.7 MP 4:3 ratios. Changing the resolution to lower megapixel reduces the output image size, which helps uploading speed to various social sites.

More Camera Apps AR and Picture effects are not the only available camera apps for Xperia Z1 Compact. You can use Sony Select or simply launch the camera apps, then go to camera modes and click on the plus sign. Download other camera apps such as Timeshift Burst for capturing every moment, Motiongraphy to create a small image with selective movement and Background Defocus to blur the background and focus on the subject.

Underwater Shot Xperia Z1 Compact is water-resistant and can shoot photos or videos underwater for as long as 30 minutes provided all ports are tightly sealed. You can now capture media using Z1 Compact in swimming pools or even water rides; just make sure that you have the device attached to your arm for safety reasons.

Third-Party Apps In addition to camera apps, you can also utilise third-party apps from various developers on the Play Store to maximise the 20.7 MP camera of the smartphone. Camera Zoom FX is one of many apps that allow up to 6x digital/optical zooming, 20 shots per second burst, collage, Time Lapse and other special effects.

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