Sony Xperia Z, ZL, ZR, Tablet Z Major Battery Issue May Be Resolved by Google Play Services 5.0

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Sony Xperia Z running Android KitKat suffers a major battery drain issue which is related to Google Play Services according to Sony Mobile. Google just released version 5.0 of the service to update several apps. But does the new version resolves Xperia Z's battery problem?

Google Play Services 5.0

Google Play Services version 5.0 is now rolling out to Android devices worldwide and includes a number of features to improve apps.

1.      Android Wearable Services - Introduction of APIs to allow communication between Android devices to wearable gadgets such as auto syncing, data storing and low latency messaging interface.

2.      Dynamic Security Provider - Provides an API for apps to use for easier installation of a dynamic security provider. It includes a replacement for the platform's secure networking APIs with rapid security patches delivery. Issues identified in OpenSSL have been fixed as well.

3.      Game Services - Quests are added on the new set of APIs to run time-based goals for players and reward them without needing to update the game. Saved Games allow storage of player's game progress to the cloud service across many screens.

4.      App Indexing API - Indexing API improves Google Search function by allowing service of app's history to users.

5.      Google Cast - Google Cast SDK now includes media tracks that introduce closed caption for Chromecast.

6.      Google Drive - Additional ability for Drive to sort query results, create folders offline and select any mime type in the file picker by default.

7.      Wallet - Physical objects such as loyalty cards and offers can now take place with Google Wallet stored via cloud service. Users can now use their Google Wallet balance to pay for Instant Buy transactions.

8.      Analytics - Enhanced Ecommerce provides visibility into the full customer journey, adding the ability to measure product impressions, product clicks and more.

9.      Mobile Ads - Improvements on the in-apps purchase ads.

Sony Xperia Z Battery Drain

According to Sony Mobile, Xperia Z, ZL, ZR and Tablet running Android KitKat suffers a major battery drain due to the Google Play Services 4.4.52 and an update from Google may resolve it.

"We have investigated the issue with Google Play Services using a lot of battery and we have identified that the root cause of this is related to the latest version of Google Play Services (4.4.52). Until a new version of Google Play Services is provided by Google, we urge users to either uninstall the latest update of Google Play Services or go to Settings > Google > Ads > Tick the box for Opt out of interest-based ads and also disable backup of your data by going to Settings > Backup and reset > Uncheck the box for "Backup my data," community manager Johan posted at Sony Mobile forum site.

Users who followed the advice to disable the automatic update or uninstall the version 4.4.52 should now update the Google Play Services to version 5.0 to find out if it fixes the battery drain issue on Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR and Xperia Tablet Z.

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