Sony Xperia Tablet S Now with Official Android 4.1.1 Firmware Upgrade [Video and Full Guide]

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Sony has finally released the Android 4.1.1 firmware update for Sony Xperia Tablet S, featuring Google Now, Project Butter and more from Sony. It is the latest and official update from Sony which you can access from Over-the-Air procedure.

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Benefits:

  • Google Now - the most intelligent voice search assistant from Google and exclusive in Android Jelly Bean OS.
  • Project Butter - smooth and responsive UI provided by the Jelly Bean update.
  • WALKMAN, Album and Movies - supports the DLNA Controller function or 3Box function.
  • Movies app - supports capability to play closed captioned video content distributed from Video Unlimited.
  • Album app - user interface improvement and adopts UI design of the same dashboard concept as WALKMAN and Movies app.
  • Camera - user interface improvements.
  • Scrapbook - adds the Map Clipping feature and Clip widget.
  • Browser (Small Apps) - supports bookmark.
  • On-screen keyboard - support the new Portuguese orthographic.
  • New Feature Added - TV SideView application.

Installation Notes from Sony:

1.      Open the Settings screen and tap "Storage."

2.      In the "Internal storage or USB storage," check the "Available" space listed and it should be more than 300MB.

3.      To free additional internal storage, migrate some applications to the SD card or uninstall some applications.

Other Details of the Update:

1.      Offline pages that have been saved on the browser app are not compatible on the new Android version.

2.      Before applying this update, please save offline pages as an image using the Small App Clip.

3.      Small Apps settings are initialised if you perform this update.

Warning: This update may erase all data stored in your Sony Tablet S. Please make a copy of all your personal information, settings and data files before applying the official update.

Update Procedure

1.      Check first if your Sony Tablet S has more than 300MB available on its internal storage.

2.      Connect the tablet to the AC power to avoid power interruption during the update.

3.      Use a stable Wi-Fi network when updating your device.

4.      Tap the "Home" key and select "Apps & Widgets" icon.

5.      In the "Apps & Widgets" screen, tap the "Settings" icon then select "About Tablet."

6.      Tap "System Update" and if it displays "currently up to date," you device hasn't received the update push. Just wait for your turn and regularly check for updates.

7.      If there an update, follow the instructions and confirm installation.

8.      Never disconnect the device from the AC power or Wi-Fi connection during the download or installation. "Failed to download the update" means that the device lost power or lost the Internet connection, simply re-establish them to proceed.

9.      After the update has been downloaded, select "Restart to update."

10.  Tap "OK" to confirm update process.

11.  Done! Your Sony Tablet S is now updated with the official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OS from Sony.

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