Sony Xperia M Closer Look: 8 Great Features For Entry-Level Smartphone; Advantages And Disadvantages Revealed

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Sony Xperia M features single and dual-SIM options for entry-level smartphones released in 2013. Also, Xperia M sports one unique key not found in most high-class devices or camera shutter button for quick snapshots anytime. Here are the ups and downs upcoming Android 4.3 recipient this year.

Sony Xperia M Features

For an entry-level smartphone, Xperia M boasts 4-inch screen size with 480 x 854 display resolution and 245 pixel density, scratch-resistant glass, four-finger multitouch, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, dual-core processor and 32 GB microSD support.

If you are looking for good basic Android smartphone or want to know what Xperia M holds inside, check out the great things brought by Sony.

1.   Connectivity Sony didn't only delivered Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 on Xperia M but they also added NFC to enable you to wirelessly send music output to compatible speakers and even bring videos to much bigger screens.

2.   Premium Design Power key is made up of aluminium and its screen has scratch-resistant feature to survive day-to-day stress.

3.   Illuminated AlertsThese enable you to easily notice any alerts such as calls, SMS or apps via illumination generated by the smartphone.

4.   Decent Camera A 5 MP camera lets you record in high-definition with Auto Focus and use the HDR mode for natural colors.

5.   Camera Key It needs to unlock before taking snapshots, simply press the dedicated camera button to make quick captures without unlocking the lock screen.

6.   Snapdragon Processor Sony used Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Plus dual-core processor to support fast performance, improved power management and stable multitasking with the help of 1GB RAM.

7.   HD Voice You can enable HD Voice feature to eliminate background noise and improve voice clarity during calls.

8.  STAMINA mode It boosts and extends battery using Sony's STAMINA mode by allowing the power manager on controlling syncing intervals, wireless connection and other functions.

Advantages Using Xperia M

Even if Xperia M is only an entry-level smartphone, Sony did add some of its trademark features found on mid-range and even high-class Xperia devices.

-   STAMINA mode and two more power managers

-   HD and HDR mode on the camera

-   Dual-core CPU combined with 1 GB of RAM

-   Multiple design colors available

-   Notification LED which normally found on selected devices

-   Dedicated camera key

-   Dual-SIM model variant available

Main Disadvantages

No matter how great the CPU, camera modes and LED light, some things have been left out by Sony that makes Xperia M totally an entry-level smartphone.

-   Video camera quality isn't that great

-   BRAVIA engine for mobile doesn't support the display

-   Pixel density just on the right level

-   Viewing angles may not be appealing

-   Internal storage is too small for some users

-    No LTE variant (entry-level aspect)

-    Limited audio and video codec

-    Android version isn't the same on both variants

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