Sony Talks New Plans For PS4’s Cloud Service And Unexpected 10M Sales

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IN PHOTO: People walks on a floor advertising poster of Sony Corp's PlayStation 4 console at an electronics retail store in Tokyo July 16, 2014. Japan's Sony Corp is hammering out plans to rise from the ashes of nearly $10 billion lost in six years by building a future around its last consumer electronics blockbuster - the PlayStation. Sony plans to reposition the video console warhorse as a hub for a network of streamed services, according to three senior officials, offering social media, movies and music as well as games. The executives spoke to Reuters on condition they not be named because the matters are still in early stages of discussion. Picture taken July 16, 2014. REUTERS/Yuya Shino

The Xbox One has recently teased that the Xbox One media content will be streamed to mobile devices. And it seems that Sony also has a similar plan for the PS4, only this time, it will be streaming for gaming titles.

According to Venture Beat, Cloud Gaming USA conference, which will be held on Sept. 4 and 5 in San Francisco, will be the venue for the big reveal for new developments and updates regarding the PS Now and the Gaikai technology.

Streaming from the PS4 and other smart devices that are connected to the Internet will be discussed for gamers. This comes in lieu of the PlayStation Now's open beta coming this summer.

For now, gamers are still on a heated argument regarding the alleged high rental prices of the PS Now service though hopefully, execs like PS Now senior director Jack Buser and Gaikai's Robert Stevenson will bring positive updates about the service.

PS4: Meeting 10M Sales To Date

With a third of a year's worth of exposure in the market for the PS4, Sony was proud to acknowledge that its next-gen console has already reached 10 million in sales.

Eurogamer has gotten an exclusive statement from Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida regarding what he thinks of the 10M sales.

"It's just beyond our imagination. We are so happy," said Yoshida to Eurogamer. "It defined the conventional thinking."

One of the reasons given for the breakthrough in sales is that, after the struggle in terms of demand delivery for the PS4, Sony has finally been able to deliver the supply of the console to the targeted territories, making it easier to get and buy a PS4.

Yoshida further expounds that the numbers also reflect people who didn't use to own a PS3 but have now purchased the PS4, meaning new customers coming to the PlayStation fan base.

Interestingly, the explosion of sales numbers is also viewed as a "terrifying prospect" by Sony, as it can also mean that it may be running out of consumers in the future. However, Yoshida did see another prospect, which is to find out how else they can be creative with the future of the PS4.

PS4's System Software 2.0 (Credit: YouTube/Game Spot)

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