Sony Sirius Viv for Verizon Customers, Release Date, Five Fresh Features to Wait on New Smart Phone

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Verizon customers have been anticipating for the release of Sony Sirius Viv after a recent leak of the smart phone courtesy of @evleaks, a serial tipster famous for its trustworthy leaks.

According to a Twitter post from @evleaks, Sony Sirius Viv will be available around the middle of the third quarter of the year. "Verizon customers: your wait for the Sony Xperia Z2 will not have been in vain. The delay, if you want to call it that, is due to the fact that a very specific variant, one that supports LTE-Advanced, must wind its way through the certification and testing processes," @evleaks posted.

Here are five features to expect from the new smart phone:

Updated OS

According to an article from Motoring Crunch, Sony Sirius Viv will come with Android 4.4.3 operating system. This operating system supports call handling, double tap to wake, and white balance. It also gives smart phone users with seamless capability to listen to music, make calls, and perform many tasks on their smart phone.

New Sound Features

According to Kdramastars, Sony Sirius Viv will have an audio accessory support and a high resolution audio USB. The audio USB will be utilized to obtain S force audio, XLOUD function, and clear music quality from the smart gadget. This will give smart phone users with better music listening experience from their smart phones.

 Close All button

The Motoring Crunch also mentioned that Sony Sirius Viv will also have Close All button which is part of the recent app. This button allows smart phone users to close all unused apps in just one tap of the smart phone instead of swiping out each app one by one.

Personalized Themes

The Kdramastars also mentioned that Sony Sirius Viv will allow users to personalize the appearance of their smart gadgets through the My Xperia themes. Users can just pick from the plethora of interchangeable graphic elements available from their mobile phones for skinning, icons, buttons, backgrounds, and even colours.

Power-Packed Battery Management

The above-mentioned source also cited that Sony Sirius Viv will reportedly come with power-packed battery management features. These include location-based WiFi and stamina mode which save more battery by disabling the background data.

Watch the hands-on of Sony Sirius Viv on YouTube.

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