Sony Sirius Main Features Leaked: New WALKMAN UI, 15.5 MP Manual Camera, 1,080 p 60 fps Recording

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Several new details have leaked from the upcoming Sony 2014 flagship smartphone, Sirius. New leaks include WALKMAN lock screen, Z1 similar design, 15.5 MP manual camera mode, 1,080 p video at 60 fps and possible release date on March 5.

Android 4.4.2 WALKMAN Lock screen

XDA forum member iRimas leaked some screenshots of Sony Sirius Android 4.4.2 KitKat-based lock screen with WALKMAN app. According to images from iRimas caught by XperiaBlog, Sony didn't adopt the Android 4.4.2 KitKat full screen album art on the lock screen with WALKMAN app running in background.

The WALKMAN controls on the lock screen is almost the same with other Xperia smartphones, except Sony did add seeking controls on top of backward, pause/play and forward options. Lock screen still enables users to unlock the screen but the text has been changed from Android 4.3's "Swipe up or down to unlock" to Android 4.4.2's "Swipe to unlock."

Camera Shortcut Key

In addition to the modified WALKMAN shortcut with seeking control on the lock screen, a camera shortcut has been added at the bottom of the lock screen below the network carrier's name which never appeared before on earlier versions of the Xperia lock screen.

The camera shortcut at the bottom of the screen indicates that its former location has been replaced with a new shortcut which could access several apps, similar to Android 4.3. In Android 4.1.2 version, music shortcut is located on the left side, while camera launcher is on the right.

Xperia Z1 Similar Design

According to XperiaGuide, Sony Sirius is a slightly modified version of Xperia Z1 in terms of exterior design. Most of the external parts are close to the Xperia Z1, except for minor changes in the framing and thickness, with Sirius being thinner.

Sony Sirius exterior includes the power key, dedicated camera button, flaps to cover entries such as USB port and microSD slot and volume rockers below the power button. Users can also use external speakers with docking ports due to the three-pin holes located at the bottom of the smartphone.

Camera Changes

Some of the standard features of Sony Sirius are 4K video recording, Timeshift video mode and Creative Effects, but there are more modes users can play in the upcoming smartphone. Based on new leaks, Sirius can record full HD videos using 30 and 60 fps options, HD 1,280 x 720 16:9 ratio, VGA 640 x 480 4:3 ratio and MMS short capture.

Moreover, the manual camera mode on Sony Sirius can capture images with maximum resolution of 5,248 x 2,952 using 15.5 MP produced in 16:9 landscape, while the 20.7 MP can capture 5,248 x 3,936 with 4:3 portrait ratio. Other manual modes include 8 MP 16:9 and 4:3 ratio, 3 MP 4:3 and 2 MP 16:9.

Release Date

Rumours point that Sony will unleash Sirius officially at the Mobile World Congress in Feb 24, but the company also planned an event at Jakarta, Indonesia, March 5 with tagline "Life is an incredible journey."

Sony didn't announce any new flagship smartphone for MWC, but may reveal a new Xperia Tablet successor based on the record of what happened last year. In comparison with March 5 event, the ad showed people jumping into the sea that could point to a water-resistant smartphone such as Sirius.

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