Sony PS4 vs. Microsoft Xbox 720: Gaming Console Battle on Specifications, Price and Release Date


With the unveiling of Sony PS4, a gaming console competition is expected to heat up between the latest PlayStation and Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 720. Gamers will definitely have their attention fixed in monitoring and comparing the Sony PS4 vs. Microsoft Xbox 720 battle on specifications, price and release date.

The Sony PS4 specifications include 8GB RAM, 1.84 teraflops with Blu-Ray support while the Microsoft Xbox 720 has 4GB RAM with only 1.23 teraflops. Both gaming consoles are reportedly incorporated with eight 1.6GHz CPU cores with powerful 800 MHZ AMD 7000 series graphics cards.

Microsoft Xbox 720 might utilize the latest Illumiroom technology with the updated Kinect 2.0, AR glasses and a projector that can extend the TV display across the room. On the other hand, the Sony PS4 will reportedly feature the further developed version of PlayStation Eye.

In the mean time, recent reports suggest that Sony and Microsoft might block used games as well as the ability to share games in the PS4 and Xbox 720. Robert A. Lloyd, GameStop's CFO, immediately voiced out its effect on profits from the game sales.

"I think it was 60 percent of customers who said they wouldn't buy a new console that blocks used games. Consumers want the ability to play pre-owned games. They want portability in their games. They want to play physical games. And to not have those things would be a substantial reason for them not to purchase a new console," Lloyd stated during the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference earlier this month.

The PS4 and Xbox 720 are both projected to be worth $350 to $400 while a close release date is expected for both gaming consoles. Microsoft will most likely release the Xbox 720 at the same time that Sony will launch the PS4 which is some time during the 2013 holiday season. Other reports claim that Microsoft could wait to reveal the Xbox 720 at the Game Developers Conference in March or at the annual games expo E3 in June.

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