Sony PS4: Three Major Criticisms for the Latest PlayStation


Gamers were thrilled with the unveiling of the Sony PS4 but their high spirits were suddenly diminished after the two-hour February 20 presentation on the latest PlayStation generated criticisms. The three major criticisms thrown at the Sony PS4 are listed below.

1.       Sony failed to show the PS4 at the unveiling event. Some gamers felt like they were being deceived with the absence of the gaming console. Shuhei Yoshida, Sony's worldwide studio President explained that the gaming console has not yet been completed. "The console hardware isn't finished but we thought this was a really good time to show our games," Yoshida stated.

2.       Due to the unfinished gaming console hardware, consumers were further upset since the Sony PS4 release date and price is still undetermined. Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, admitted that the console price has not yet been decided. However, some experts speculate that the Sony PS4 cost will be most likely less than £300.

3.       Sony received another gaming criticism when they announced that the PS4 will not allow games created from the previous PlayStations despite the existence of a Blu-ray disc drive. According to Sony, the gamers can stream their desired old games to the PS4 with the use of the Internet.

At the PS4 unveiling event, Sony only revealed information about the insides of the gaming console as well as the re-designed controller. The company managed to show the updated controller featuring a light bar enabling motion control with the additional touchpad and share button.  

Sony's attention at the unveiling event was centered on the remarkable inside features and specifications of the PS4. With recent reports indicating a holiday season launch for the gaming console, the company has now ample time to complete the PS4 for the enthusiastic gamers who wish to purchase and experience the latest PlayStation.

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